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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

What do you think about teeth capping?

I am looking to have a perfect smile and heard about capping my teeth to make them the right shape. How difficult is this? Is it recommended?

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Featured Answer

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You should seek out an evaluation by a well trained cosmetic dentist. Using porcelain crowns can change the shape, length, width, and color of your existing teeth. Another option is porcelain veneers. Veneers require less removal of natural tooth structure and are easier to keep clean going forward. All depends on changes you want to your smile as well as your existing dental health.

A "perfect smile" is a matter of personal judgement. We all have a different idea of what is our ideal smile. A well trained cosmetic dentist will work with you and develop several options for you to meet not only your dental needs but also your financial ones.
I think you're referring to veneers. A good cosmetic dentist should be able to make an impression of your teeth the way they look today and the way they will lock it after they have veneers if you like it then I would recommend it
Steven M. Stoller
It is quicker than braces to get an esthetic result, but way more destructive if they are healthy teeth. It really depends on the extent of alignment of your current teeth and what is needed to be achieved.
This is cosmetic and you need to go to a cosmetic specialist. Make some local calls and always check for before and after photos to aid in your selection of a practitioner.

Note you will lose much tooth structure with crowns and less with veneers. Plan on future maintenance and treatment.
Brian L. Kirkwood, DDS
Find someone that has a reputation for the kind of thing you are looking for, just caps (also called crowns) can be overkill if you don't really have cavities or large fillings. Smaller things like veneers are more conservative (cut less), so the chances of complications are less (needing a root canal). Veneers cover only the outside of the tooth like a facing on your tooth. High quality dentists tend to guarantee their work, look for that too, just the least costly might not give you the results you want.
A perfect smile will depend on a perfect planning with a perfectionist planner(dentist). Please see an esthetic, cosmetic dentist well trained and experienced to observe, listen and skillfully present to you the artistic options available. Together, as a team, with you, the dentist and cosmetic dental lab, you can be satisfied with the outcome. BTW, capping is only done when it is absolutely necessary since so much tooth structure is removed. Alternatives are porcelain veneers and composite veneers which are more and most conservative.
If you are wanting to change size, shape, color or minor positional changes, then capping or veneers (or both) should get the result you seek. Keep in mind that these are procedures that alter tooth structure and there is no going back! Maintenance will be a must on a daily basis and expect to require some replacement(s) in future years. If positional concerns are primary, then start with straightening the teeth and perhaps follow with some conservative cosmetic reshaping and whitening. I would recommend consulting with several reputable cosmetic dentists and weigh all of their suggestions before making a decision.
It is quicker than braces to get an esthetic result, but way more destructive if they are healthy teeth. And keep in mind they will need to be replaced every so often, which will require more tooth destruction/drilling!
Capping your teeth is one option , an alternative is braces ( regular or invisible braces) to align the teeth and conservative bonding with filling material . It really depends on the extent of alignment of your current teeth and what is needed to be achieved. A wax up design is often done to give the patient a mock up of the area to assess visually what the final result will be like .
The best advise I would give you is to interview a few cosmetic dentists. Ask them to show you before and after pictures of cases they have done. See if you like to have any of the smiles they can offer.... then make your choice. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry a dentist that has both clinical skills and listening skills is a must.