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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content


I am 62 and have a dark rough patch on my right ankle, I have history of ulcers in my family, can this be an early stage? how can I prevent it from progressing?
  • Female | 54 years old
  • Complaint duration: 90 days
  • Medications: none
  • Conditions: none

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You should be evaluated for Venous insufficiency. Venous stasis dermatitis may cause dark discolration around the ankles. This happens when the blood pools in the legs and ankles, and the pigment from the red blood cells deposits itself in the skin, causing dark discoloration. Have yourself checked out by a cardiologist or vascular surgeon who specializes in Veins and vein issues
Your should be examined by a knowledgeable physician. Patches like you describe, are often associated with vein disease, but may arise from other sources. A vascular surgeon will be able tell whether you have venous insufficiency, and if indicated perform a venous duplex ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis. Since there is a high likelihood that it is vein related, I would recommend seeing a vascular surgeon. If it is not vein related, the surgeon will either treat or appropriately refer you to an appropriate specialist for further evaluation.
Ulcers are caused by pressure. Get rid of the pressure and the ulcer will go away.
Paddings, bandage covering over patch will reduce friction and prevent ulcer formations
Kelvin A. Barry
An ulcer is a breakdown of the skin. If there is only a red area, it can be due to many things. Are you pre-diabetic or diabetic? Do you have skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis? Is it due to friction or a fungus? You should be examined by a Podiatrist. Don't neglect yourself.
Corinne Kauderer
A dark spot on your ankle can run the gamet from venous insufficiency to melanoma. I recommend seeing a dermatologist for a diagnosis and if necessary a referral.
This can be chronic venous insufficiency or broken veins. A ultrasound can easily make the diagnosis. See a local vein specialist.
Unfortunately without seeing it is impossible to determine. it could be stasis dermatitis that could lead to ulceration or a pigmented lesion requiring a biopsy. So my recommendation would be to get it checked out.
Flavio Cordano
You should make an appointment tom have it examined ASAP. Without a picture it is hard to tell what specialist to see. Suggestions include podiatrist and vascular surgeon, possibly dermatologist.
Jerald Askin
Prior recommendations are valid especially for you to get a qualified evaluation as the information given and the lack of a picture make specific diagnosis and treatment impossible. Please proceed with immediate evaluation.