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Welcome to Apache Foot & Ankle Specialists! Visit us for all of your foot and ankle needs. We take care of all disorders and conditions related to the foot & ankle from just below the knee to the toes. We specialize in surgical correction of deformities and foot and ankle reconstruction, trauma, wound care and limb salvage, Diabetic foot care and Diabetic shoes and insoles, Orthotics, Neuroma's, Plantar Fasciitis, and all ligament, tendon, nerve and bone disorders related to the foot & ankle.Visit us, and "Walk Away on a Cloud!"

There are 'functional' and 'supportive' tendon transfers that can significantly help with drop foot. Having MS may be a contraindication for a 'functional' transfer, but the muscle groups will have to be evaluated by your physician/surgeon. But a STATT (Split Tibialis Anterior Tendon Transfer) procedure may work in people with severe motor deficiency. It would be best for you to discuss this with a qualified Podiatrist in your area who is trained in reconstructive rearfoot/ankle surgery.

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