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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

porcelain teeth

Can a porcelain veneer tooth be reset?
  • Female | 48 years old
  • Complaint duration: 7 days
  • Medications: None

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Featured Answer

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Every case is different. Sometimes it is possible.The best thing to do is to consult your dentist.
Michael Ayzin
Yes, porcelain can be recemented. Consult your GDP for an assessment.
J. Abe  Smith
depending on weather the veneer is intact or not..
If the veneer and tooth are intact just like when it was first placed, in most cases yes, finding out why it came off is just as important. If the veneer or the tooth are not the same then the answer is that this might be just a temporary fix, but a long term failure. Other important factors are missing teeth, existing or active decay, oral hygiene (how often are you flossing), seeing the hygienist are all very important variables that directly relate to the longevity of dental restorations.
if the veneer is intact and the bond failed, yes, the veneer can be re-bonded to the tooth
We would have to see you to be able to determine if the veneer could be reset. Usually if it is still on the tooth, it cannot be. But if it has come off the tooth, there’s a chance that it can be.
A porcelain veneer can be reattached in most cases, if the veneer is intact.
If I understand the question correctly, you are asking if a porcelain veneer that has come off can be put back on. All things being equal...yes! The question that needs to be asked is why did it de-bond in the first place. If that is not properly understood, it is likely to happen again. If the veneer has fractured, though, it should not be put back on as the integrity and strength is now compromised.
Seth Blitzer
Yes it can be provided if you can go for a new one, if not the tooth has to be reevaluated and then we need to see what can be done.
If the veneer has dislodged from the tooth, then all the other answers and conditions have already been mentioned by other doctors. If, however, you want it to be re-positioned because the tooth itself has shifted position, or adjacent teeth have shifted, or the gum height around the tooth has changed, those are situations that are not easily corrected by just rebonding the veneer into a different position. There's usually some other underlying cause or causes for the changes.