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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Nodule in cheekbone

I hit my cheekbone on a hard surface a week or two weeks ago. Now it feels like there is a hard ball like nodule on the same cheekbone. It's tender when I press on it. It definitely does not feel like my other cheekbone.

What could this be??
  • Female | 26 years old
  • Complaint duration: 1 day
  • Conditions: Hit cheekbone

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Sounds like a hematoma - which is a collection of blood under the skin, where the capillaries were injured. Ultrasound may be beneficial to help break it up.
Jeffrey Benton
A hematoma (aka bruise) in the boney tissue should heal in a few weeks. If chewing hurts it may be fractured. An exam by your Family Physician may help.
A hematoma is likely.
James T. Sandwich
It could be a small hematoma, a fibroma or something else. See your dentist and get a bioipsy.
Sounds like a hematoma a collection of blood. You could use a x-ray of your cheekbone to ensure its not fractured.

Go see your doc get examined.
Most likely it is a hematoma. It should resolved in a couple more weeks. If it is still present, please get it checked out
I am concerned about your trauma. If you are in an unsafe relationship please tell your doctor. You sound like you have a hematoma and it needs to be checked. Initially ice is helpful to decrease swelling as well as help with pain. Your doctor will properly diagnose the problem and get xrays if warranted. Please do not wait to get help and I hope you feel better soon.
If you have done so, See your dentist to evaluate the findings and then a treatment might be proposed or you might not need any treatment after the examination.
Folake Akinbi
An infection or others
Don Ha