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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Cats paw hurting.

I don't know exactly what I had done to hurt it but my cats paw behind the second toe hurts. When I stand on it wrong or try and run, it shoots pain completely through my foot that is almost unbearable. I don't know what to do at this point or it is a 'better go see someone about it know' deal. Please respond.


  • Complaint duration: 41 days
  • Medications: N\A
  • Conditions: No

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Featured Answer

1 UpVoted this answer Bernabe B. Canlas, DPM Podiatrist, League City
More than likely you have an inflamed nerve in the ball of your foot that is exacerbated by certain motions and positions causing the intense shooting pain into your foot. An anti-inflammatory agent (i.e. ibuprofen), icing, wearing well padded shoes, without heels can help. If it doesn't I recommend a Foot & Ankle Specialist
Ramil Madelin
It could be a neuroma which is a nerve entrapment or a variety of other things. Best thing to do is see a podiatrist in your area. Treatments could be anything from injections tovlaser to medications and laser therapy. Best of luck
Alex Kheynson
A trigger point injection may be what the doctor ordered.
If it is where I think you are talking about could be a neuroma or pinched and inflamed nerve. It could also be capsulitis, which is an inflamed joint capsule (ligaments connecting the 2nd toe with the 2nd metatarsal). You need to see a podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment.
Richard Eby
I don't know why you would use cat's paw for your foot but it sounds like a neuroma. I would suggest seeing a podiatrist asap. The longer you wait the harder it will be to treat it successfully.
Jerald Askin
I am not sure what you mean by a "cat's paw" on your foot. Typically, a shooting pain is due to a nerve problem or a tendon problem. In the area around the second toe, common causes of pain involve the flexor tendon below the toe that can get inflamed (tendinitis) or a fibrous plate (flexor plate) attached to the tendon can rupture. There also can be problems with the nerves in the area such as a neuroma (basically a thickened, scarred nerve). I would advise seeing a podiatrist in your area if over-the-counter medicines do not provide relief.
Plantar plate tear or neuroma are possibilities

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Irwin D. Cohen
Thanks to all you. Doctor's out there that toke some time out of there bizzy day to send a reply to my question. They all helped me out more then any of you could know . I sincerely and truthfully thank everyone of you Doctor's .
Sounds like a Morton's Neuroma
Hello Gina...not exactly sure what cats paw is but I'm assuming it is the fat pad under your toe. Severe pain in this region can be from a stress fracture or plantar plate tear under your second toe. It could also be a neuroma or inflammation of the 2nd metatarsal joint. I would first recommend trying oral anti inflammatories, if you can tolerate that and if that does not improve, then you should see a foot and ankle specialist
Khawaja Nimr Ikram