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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Jock itch?

Is this jock itch? And if so, does it go away on its own or does it need to be treated?
  • Male | 36 years old
  • Complaint duration: 60 days

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Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies

Featured Answer

3 UpVoted this answer
Hard to tell if this is lichen simplex chronicus with lichenified chronic eczema ,or a fungus and/or yeast. I agree with the trial of Zeasorb, but make sure to get the AF type with added miconazole in the powder. Use it 2 or three times daily. If the problem persists, see your Dermatologist, as you may need a topical steroid like Pramasone 2 1/2% HC prescribed to block that itch/scratch cycle and you should be checked for a solid diagnosis. D'ont want to miss scabies here.. For itch, try Zyrtec 10 to 20 mg per day.
Alan Semion
1 UpVoted this answer
Jock itch looks like a red rash in the groin area and is easily curable in most cases. In fact, many cases of jock itch cure spontaneously without treatment. Treatment may include one or a combination of anti-fungal creams and in rare cases anti-fungal pills. In your case, there is a possibility of a fungal infection, eczema as well as an allergic reaction. However, a diagnosis is not possible based on just a picture.
James J. Elist
Clotrimazole cream 3 times daily will help. It's over the counter lotrimin
try some zeasorb af over the counter if not better I agree with Dr. Nick and go see a dermatologist!
Aaron Grotas
"jock itch"...If it is a recent development it can be a yeast or fungus which can be irritating and annoying. Intertrigo can be a moist irritated infammed fold with yeast a secondary invaders. Do try keeping the area Dry especially afterexercise and showers. Airing it out and applying a fan frequently throughout the day helps as yeastand fungus love moist environments. Otc antifungals (clotrimazole) in the AM with Talc powder and at Night an otc cortisone cream is a good start. Keep it dry. If it doesn't improve or gets worse, go in to a Dermatology office to get it checked for other conditions such as eczema or dermatitis.....GOOD LUCK! Dr Nick
Nicolas Colorado
it is not easy to make a definitive diagnosis from the picture. It looks like the skin is shiny and has slight erythema (pinkness) a color change in the center; the surrounding skin has enhanced lines and appears darker and thickened that is consistent with scratching. It good be jock itch but is more likely a condition known as intertrigo which has a more irritant component and requires different modalities for treatment. I use an anti-fungal such as clotrimazole, followed by 1% hydrocortisone twice a day. Try this for 2 weeks and if the condition persists - see your doctor.
James T. Sandwich
Try some clotrimazole cream twice a day for a few weeks. Use zeasorb or baby powder to help with moisture.
Jock itch is a fungus

Put non scented baby powder and anti fungal cream on it to heal.

Stay away from all sugar dairies and spices , caffein and alcohol for 10 days.
Don Ha
This can be jock itch . It is in the fold of your groin. Any over the counter antifungal cream or ointment
Harold H. Tsai
it is difficult to tell from this picture. looks more like yeast infection. dry very well after shower, apply Zeasorb powder. this would come on because of the heat and/or use of antibiotics
Melvin Elson