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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

How young is too young to start using anti-aging products?

Could using anti-aging products when you are too young have negative affects on the skin? Thanks for your help!

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Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies

Featured Answer

22 UpVoted this answer
Please realize that there is no such thing (quite yet) as a true "anti-aging" product. Used correctly, perhaps beginning at puberty, the current products will only help to slow the aging of your skin. They should not have any negative effects. No amount of product can compensate for an unhealthy lifestyle. Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 40 can and should be applied to even very young children when they are exposed to the sun. The best "anti-aging" behaviors are to avoid persistent sun exposure, avoid smoking, maintain a good diet, exercise regularly, and laugh often.
William W. Ehrlich
11 UpVoted this answer
Certain products like Retinols (e.g. Retin-A) is a great product to use life long and tends to keep the dermis thick (youthful). Moisturizers and Sunscreens are other anti-aging products that can be used at an early age and maintained over a lifetime.
Larry S. Nichter
11 UpVoted this answer
You are never too young to protect and nourish the skin. Start everyday with a mosturizer that contains an SPF 30 or higher (Neutrogean, Aveeno, Olay). Do not rely on your makeup for SPF. At night consider a gentle over the counter retinol 3 nights a week (Roc, Neutrogena) and an eye cream (Neutrogena, Aveeno, Roc). Always wash your face before going to bed - don't go to sleep with your makeup and the day's grime on your face! Never go to a tanning bed , don't smoke and don't drink too much alcohol . Also recent studies show that high glycemic index diets, excessive sugar may age the skin and too much stress is detrimental as well. If the over counter suggestions don't cut it , see your derm for stronger options. Good luck!
6 UpVoted this answer
The term "anti-aging" product covers a very broad spectrum of material. However, it is never to young to take care of your skin. At the very least, sun block should be an every day habit, particularly if you reside in a sunny climate. Topical retinoids (Retin-A) or its derivatives may be helpful in some situations. A balanced diet and exercise regimen are always helpful. To my knowledge, there are no potential negative effects of topical products. Good luck
5 UpVoted this answer
The best anti-aging product is a sunblock. The best are physical blocks,such as Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide that block out the higher energy UV-B rays (that can induce skin cancer) as well as the lower energy UV-A (that cause age spots and wrinkles), in addition to wearing protective clothing and avoiding being in the sun between 10 AM and 2 PM, when the UV exposure is at its peak.

Other anti-aging products such as topical vitamin A (modulates DNA expression in the skin) and vitamin C (anti-oxidant, co-factor in collagen formation) may be recommended on a case, by case basis by your physician.
David Turok
3 UpVoted this answer
90% of premature aging is due to sun damage.. Therefore, it makes sense to start using sunblock in children as early as possible and make sure the sunblock contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Retin-A can be used as early as the late teens ; however, if overused or improperly used it can lead to skin sensativity and even sun damage. There are new topical growth hormone products showing early promising results. Most importantly , avoid tanning beds and use good sunblock.
3 UpVoted this answer
A daily sunscreen which is the best anti-aging product can be started at any age. The younger a person starts this ie teens it will become part of their daily routing and will make a huge contribution to them looking younger as they age. A daily regimen of facial cleanser and moisturizer can be started again as a teen in order to develop good long term skin care habits.
3 UpVoted this answer
Depending upon your skin, genetics and environment good skin care should start in your teens. products such as retin A,, glycolics, alphahydroxies maybe in your twenties.. good sunscreen and moisturizers.
3 UpVoted this answer
It depends on what you mean by 'anti-aging product'. In general it is never too early to practice good skin care and sun avoidance/protection. This will benefit the appearance of your skin in the long run and decrease your chances of developing skin cancers. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Tevora Tevora