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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Should I get my child a milk tooth filling or wait for the tooth to fall out?

Cavity, slight tooth pain

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Featured Answer

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The child should be seen by a dentist to evaluate and treat the discomfort. The tooth should be maintained if possible because primary teeth help to save space for the erupting permanent teeth. Of course this also depends on the age of the child. If the tooth will be lost soon or if it is non restorable removal maybe preferable.
Michael Stein
1 UpVoted this answer Douglas  MacLeod, DMD General Dentist General Dentist, Raleigh
To fill or remove a baby tooth depends on how long the tooth needs to stay in the mouth to save space for the adult tooth that will take it's place.
Daniel B. Strader
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Baby teeth, or milk teeth, or primary teeth are very important to maintain the correct growth pattern of the developing jaws. Aside from giving the child chewing ability, they serve as space holders for the developing adult teeth, so they erupt (come in) to the proper positions as the child ages. Losing a baby tooth prematurely can lead to problems later, so should be avoided at all costs. Also, not treating the cavity will eventually result in pain as the tooth will become infected. Definitely see a dentist and get evaluated for proper treatment.
Ronald G. Worth
A consultation with your Dentist would be the only way to give you the best advise. An x-ray is probably in need. There are options but the best will be from your local Dentist.
Brian L. Kirkwood, DDS
It depends on how long it needs to stay in the mouth to save space for the permnant tooth.

If it is a large cavity and the tooth is not ready to fall out you may want to have the filling done.
Get the tooth treated! Take the advise of your treating dentist as weather or not to fill or remove. Decay in baby teeth advances so much faster that in adult teeth. As your child is already experiencing some pain you need to do something soon. An infection in a baby tooth can harm the developing adult tooth.
Lisa M. Murray
If the tooth has decay in it and does not look like it will shed anytime soon, then I would recommend a filling.
That depends on several things,

-how old your child is

-which tooth it is

-how deep and large the cavity is

If the cavity is small and not causing any pain you can go with the "watch and see" approach, if it is a large cavity and the tooth is not ready to fall out you may want to fill it. Baby teeth are place savers in the mouth and when removed too early will need to be replaced with a space maintainer. Since you said that your child is in pain it is a good idea to see a dentist as soon as possible and have your child evaluated.
It would be best to have your child evaluated by a dentist to see how large the cavity is and the amount of time remaining before the permanent tooth erupts. If your child is starting to feel pain chances are that it isn't small.

Left untreated he/she is as risk for developing an abscess that could potentially affect the permanent tooth developing underneath. Also, If the cavity is in between 2 teeth, leaving it gives it a chance to spread to the adjacent tooth.
Amisha V. Patel
If your child has a cavity and slight tooth pain and the tooth isn't ready to exfoliate or fall out on its own, treatment would be the best choice as a cavity in a milk tooth can quickly lead to severe pain, infection and loss of space that is required for the developing permanent tooth. If a tooth is lost or needs to be removed prematurely, a space maintainer may be required. A dentist can advise on the best treatment for your child.
Willow Park Dental