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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

KRATOM and side effects

hi I just had a quick question I was researching about Kratom I just had a few questions about what the side effects are and if it raises blood pressure and if it's safe for you if you can give me more information about it that'd be awesome I'm not looking to take it or use it I was just trying to figure out what the best way to find out if it's safe for you or not because I've read online that a lot of people use it and it helps them through their day-to-day lives so if you can help me out
  • 30 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
  • Height: 57
  • Weight: 135lbs
  • Medications: paxil,trazodone,lisinopril,ativan
  • Conditions: hbp,severe anxiety, acid reflux,insomnia,

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Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies

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I do not know much about this plant. I have provided a link to pubmed for you to look through some of the legitimate research that has been done. With the Rx meds you are on… I would proceed with caution.

Thank you,

Dr Michael Brown

Naturopathic Doctor

Functional Medicine Doctor

Defeat Autism Now! Certified Doctor (DAN)

Naturae's Path

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most definitely not, specially in combination with you other medications. it would a simple drug over dose.
I advise against it in your case. If you don't get the dose right, it can have the opposite effect - lower doses can cause palpitations and anxiety while the higher doses can relieve pain and anxiety. With your anxiety condition, you could possibly harm yourself, especially if the herb was coming from an unreliable source.

Kratom is just one herb. It's gaining popularity as a pain relief herb. So many people are suffering from chronic pain and the prescription and even over the counter pain medications can have severe side effects. (For example, I was recently contacted by someone who told me that taking ibuprofen on a regular basis over the years had damaged her stomach and created scar tissue.) OTC painkillers can also lead to irreversible kidney damage. It's in everyone's best interest to know what do to do to get to the root cause of pain rather than just masking it or blocking. Pain gives us very clear messages. If we can learn how to decipher these messages, we can heal pain.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, there are many other remedies. There are herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage and essential oil therapies that could help you. If the cause is emotional or caused by a trauma in the past, there are many meditation techniques/ trauma-releasing exercises you can work with.

If the problem is anxiety, there are other herbs that are safer and effective such as valerian root, passionflower, chamomile, etc. You didn't mention if physical causes of your anxiety were fully investigated such as an overactive thyroid, mitral valve prolapse or adrenal tumor. I say this because it is a little unusual to have high blood pressure at such a young age. In those cases, healing those underlying medical conditions would cause a significant improvement in anxiety levels.