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What are Verified Reviews?

Only patients of a featured doctor can post reviews and ratings. We verify each review to make sure that a doctor's reputation is solely determined by the patients they treat.

How do we verify each review?

We check every review against the doctor's EHR (Electronic Health Record) System. EHRs are now implemented by the vast majority of practicing doctors in the U.S. An EHR is a database that includes the contact information for every single patient who has sought the doctor's treatment. What we do is take each reviewer, match their name to the EHR, and verify that the review is from an actual patient.

(Note: The software does not look into personal or medical records. You can read our privacy policy if you have any questions or concerns.)

Why does verification matter?

Unverified reviews on other sites could be from a few untrustworthy sources:

  • They could be from bots programmed to leave positive reviews at intervals to unfairly raise reputation.
  • They could be from well-meaning friends and relatives who have a biased opinion.
  • They could be from competitors who are looking to downgrade a doctor's reputation for their benefit.

Verification matters because reputation integrity is very important to us. We want to make sure that doctors get reviews and ratings from actual, in-the-flesh patients who have received treatment from those doctors.

When you're making a decision about which doctor to choose, you deserve to have information that's true and verified.

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