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John W. Vollenweider Office Information

You say that you "found out" that you have an abscessed tooth. Can I assume you had and examination and diagnosis by a qualified clinician? If so,the treatment will depend upon the severity of the abscess and the long term prognosis for the tooth if treated endodontically. Since you are not in acute pain, but still tender, I would still want to control the infection if not for you personally, the 8 month old fetus developing. You are likely exposing your unborn child to the same infection. Consult with your OB/GYN about appropriate antibiotic therapy. If the tooth is restorable and can be saved, temporary measures to remove the infected pulp can be accomplished with electronic apex location (without a radiograph if that concerns you) and appropriate medications to control the infection and discomfort can be safely administered until your child is born. When and if you life calms down after the baby is born you can pursue the final endodontic treatment and restoration of the tooth.

Don't suffer unnecessarily and don't expose your child to unnecessary stress and infection.

This is a manageable situation. Good luck.

John W. Vollenweider