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  • Welcome to Our Practice

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    Every dentist has heard this statement over and over again. One out of two adult Americans is so terrified of dental treatment that he or she puts off dentistry they know they need. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Sedation dentistry employs the use of traditional medical sedatives in...
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  • Guy W. Peabody on His Practice and Equipment


    As far as equipment is concerned, I have the best technology has to offer in the following:


    Low dose x-ray equipment - for a thorough, complete, quality diagnosis with maximum patient safety and peace of mind.


    Digital Photography - for proper treatment planning and documentation of all cases before...
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  • Why I Chose Dentistry and the Rewards and Challenges


    Dr. Peabody with the San Diego Padres | Guy Peabody | Dentist | Santa Cruz, CA


    I got into dentistry for a variety of reasons, but the main one is that I wanted to have a direct positive impact on people’s lives and help them feel and look better. As a child, I had an excellent dentist, one I strive to emulate to this day. He was professional, yet kind; calm and...
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