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    Take I-84 EAST out of Boise
    Exit onto Gowen Road (Highway 21)
    Turn LEFT onto Highway 21
    Travel 26 miles to milepost 26
    Clinic will be on the RIGHT
  • Mon: 9am - 3pm
    Tues: 9am - 3pm
    Wed: 12pm - 7pm
    Thurs: 9am - 3pm
    Fri: 9am - 3pm
    Sat: Closed
    Sun: Closed

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Greetings. I am the owner and physician at Mores Creek Family Medicine, a rural, broad-spectrum, medical clinic devoted to providing excellent patient-centered medical care to patients of all ages. Mores Creek Family Medicine is also devoted to creating and developing a model for rural medicine that is cost-efficient and sustainable with the goal of providing solutions to many of the problems facing the availability of rural health.

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Matthew J. Nelson

Education & Credentials

AAFP - American Academy of Family Physicians
ABFM - American Board of Family Medicine