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    "I went for a 3rd opinion on my foot and ankle problem and had several x-rays and MRI, tests. The staff took my information and got me into a room after I finished some paperwork I did not do on line. The staff was very nice to me (even though I was flustered, I had a hard time finding the office and did not want to be late)and Dr. Scheinin did a very thorough exam and discussed my tests and other doctors recommendations better they I had had before. I asked if he would be my doctor and he suggested I take a few days since he wanted me to feel that the opinion he gave me was not influenced by his consultation. I plan to go back to him since he seemed to be more open to discussion then just hers your options and schedule the surgery. I was sent by a friend who is his patient and I have met several other people that have seen him as well with good experiences."

    Unverified Review Nov 05, 2012

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As stated this is not uncommon to see in a foot and ankle practice. That said I agree only have the toes corrected if they are causing a problem. There is little to do other than putting a soft toe separator between the curled 4 toe and the 3rd toe if there is some pressure there. I agree if he requires surgery go to a podiatrist that handles pediatric patients . The surgery is straight forward and not unusual at all.

Gary S. Scheinin