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    "Anne Delantre. As a former dancer (ballerina), I have always appreciated a good massage. I‘ve had a wide range of massage experiences – from a well known massage therapist in New York City who worked on professional ballerinas, to a fellow modern dance friend… I have had the “luxury day spas” experience as well.
    None compare – in quality or uniqueness of experience – to the massage I had by Dmitriy Greenberg, of Russian descent, and trained in massage therapy and Natural Healing in the Ukraine.
    The variation in his touch were unlike anything I have felt before – subtle changes from hard to light within every stroke, as if he were finding the tension and sort of flicking it off. His hands literally felt as if they were dancing on my back, constantly changing in tempo and dynamic range.
    The most amazing part was the work he did on my arms and hands, which unbeknownst to him are my “problem” areas. He must have spend 15 minutes on my left thumb joint, which has been hurting since I injured it a year ago – but I had not mentioned this. He felt or sensed a problem there, I guess. I am still blown away that he found that spot and worked on it so effectively. I am a big skeptic when it comes to people claiming they do thing like that, probably because my dad is a medical doctor. But, my joint no longer hurts at all.
    Next, he moved on to my legs and feet. All my limbs were rubbed, gently shaken, and struck with gentle (but not too gentle) striking gestures…
    We had not spoken the whole time. I had been transported to another level. I did not want to move and felt that great, glazed-over feeling that results from really good massage.

    Unverified Review Sep 01, 2016
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    "When I come today for my appointment, I was in a great deal of pain. I have degenerative disk disease, as well as Fibromyalgia. I have been under a Drs. Care for 5 yrs. because of these conditions.
    I have received medical massages recommended by my orthopedists as well as neurologists, who recommended back surgery with a 50/50 chance of permanent paralysis.
    I took 15 min massage from Dmitriy to start. He was excellent. I feel no pain at this time. I expect to return to him for more therapy.
    I have gone to massage therapists for the past 5 yrs. Dmitriy was able to relieve more pain in 15 minutes, than I have feet in this time, period, without medications. I waned recommend him to anyone including my orthopedists.
    Sincerely, Martha P. Greenwell, former Bank's worker; now disable.
    P.S. All these conditions resulted from a care accident 5 yrs. ago; and I have been to numerous Drs. & therapists. Dmitriy is the best!! He does have Natural healing hands.

    Unverified Review Sep 29, 2015
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    "Dmitriy is Amazing!
    * I had surgery on my shoulder 9-nine years ago; since then I have had sever pain and I was limited to motion. AFTER ONLY MINUTES, Dmitriy made my arm feel amazing! There is no more pain & I can move it a lot more now.
    * Another amazing fix was my hands! I am always working with my hands and I never realized how tense they were. Dmitriy made them feel light as a feather & my joints feel so good.
    * Also I have had back pain almost all my life.
    Dmitriy took it all away!
    Thanks Dmitriy!
    Maggie Rondon, wife, army medical worker, Fort Knox, Kentucky
    I never thought I could feel as light as a feather. But AFTER MINUTES I felt weightless. I had a back problem I thought would never go away. Dmitriy is amazing. Thank you. God works thru Dmitriy.
    Thank You.
    Andres Rondon, husband, officer from Fort Knox, Kentucky

    Unverified Review Sep 29, 2015

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Dear friend!
You, and all the people you love and care for, at any age and any conditions, are welcoming to receive the Natural and all-in-one, extraordinary and Highly Effective CARE which is extremely attuned to you, your entire Body-Mind-Energy-Spirit conditions and its immediate needs. You will approve that, the really BEST QUALITY CARE we all need to use first and ever to live Naturally Healthy and Happy, tension, stress and pain free!

Why its BEST?! Because it is Totally Natural, non-invasive, non-radiated and non-toxin care. It performed by All-in-ONE BEST THERAPIST, Master/Expert and Champion in Natural Healing, with human's hands and identical human's energy. That care have never had the side effects. It gives to you an amazing parenting, relaxing and healing experience, enjoyment and BEST HEALING RESULT at winning time. You will recognized that from the very first moment. Before you make decision, you need to look my not-small and an amazing collection of patients/clients thank-you letters and credible testimonials at my website - to know what you need to expect. Naturally, the BEST CARE you will love and will never have elsewhere. Call to book your healing today (502)333-3199 - to live and feel YOUR BEST!

Find an Alternative Medicine Therapist, Experienced Massage Therapist-Healer who help you to relax, eliminate pain, stop inflammation and degenerative process, improve circulation and energy flow. Please, feel free to call me (502)333-3199 to ask questions. I would help you feel better - pain free!

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