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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Dropped on foot

I dropped a 10lbs wieght on my foot over a month ago and it swelled and bruised but I didn't go in because I didn't think it was broken. There is still a little red mark on the top of my foot. Sometimes there is a lot of tension when trying to move my toes and some pain that makes it uncomfortable to walk. What could i have done to it?
  • Complaint duration: 40 days

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It sounds like he may have tendon damage and x-ray would be a good idea but better yet would be an ultrasound to take a look at the tendons go see if that has ultrasound in his office
Brian Bailey
You HAVE TO GET AN X-RAY!!! You may have a fracture that is causing swelling internally and pain. See a foot specialist immediately
Kelvin A. Barry
An X-ray would have to be taken to see if you indeed had a fracture when the weight fell down on your foot. You may have a bone bruise or a contusion. See a Podiatrist.
Corinne Kauderer
Definitely everyone would have said to get some x rays and medical advice. It probably still holds true now. Dr Rich Blake
Richard Blake
You may have broken a bone. You need to be examined by a podiatrist. You require and X-ray examination.
Myron C. Boxer
Get an xray and DO NOT see any one for adjustments of any kind until fractures of the bones or tears of the soft tissue are ruled out. Obviously because of the tension there is still some swelling and possible scarring of the tendons and if weak some tears. See your local Podiatrist for a diagnosis soon. Then maybe some PT can help.
Flavio Cordano
To start have an x ray done. Depending on the results there are many other possible issues.
Jerald Askin
BEst Choice for care: PT and Chiropractic

PT can rehab the muscles of the foot, while the Chiropractor will align the joints of the foot knee, and hip as well as adjust the lower lumbar spine that provides nerves to the foot. She?he will also get you custom made orthotics that support your foot.
Crush injuries can be deceiving. Usually they clear up with time. Depending on how bad the crush 40 days is not an unacceptable time. However, sometimes a nerve is injured at the time of the initial injury and then becomes entrapped rather than healing the way it should. If the nerve is stuck it is the same as a pinched nerve. Not only does it hurt because it is pinched but it hurts when you move wherever the nerve goes because it can't go with it. I would think that a visit to a doctor who is experienced in peripheral nerve injuries would be a good investment for you. Early on some physical therapy modalities such as neural gliding can be useful. Not so much later on.
Gary Cramer
There are many different types of injuries that could occurred 2-year-old foot after dropping a 10 pound weight on it. If you have still experiencing pain in her having difficulty ambulating, you should see a podiatrist for further evaluation.
Jordan Steinberg