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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

big toe nail discoloration

I wanna know I work in Mcdonalds were I'm constantly moving and I wear slip resistant shoes were there is no ventilation in the sneaker. It doesn't bother me or has any pain.
  • Male | 24 years old
  • Medications: No
  • Conditions: No

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Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies

Featured Answer

1 UpVoted this answer Buffalo Lake Medical Primary Care Practice, Sanford
Got to question the greenish discoloration and is that gauze under the toe nail as well. Possible bacterial vs fungal infection either way without seeing it up close and personal its impossible to tell. I would just soak in Epsom salts and warm water or vinegar and warm water 25% vinegar for 15 minutes couple of times a day for a few days as long as your not diabetic or have neuropathy(lack of sensation). If that does not help i would see a Podiatrist. Doesn't appear to be an urgent thing without pain or drainage. Good luck
Flavio Cordano
More than likely you have the beginning of a toe nail fungus. There are lots of treatment possibilities. You should seek treatment from a certified podiatrist in your area
Alex Kheynson
You have probably just bruised the nail. For now, with no pain, I would just watch it for changes. It can take 6-9 months for that discoloration to resolve. Dr Rich Blake
Richard Blake
I agree with the podiatrist below. Also make sure you wear cotton socks (least 70%) since you say there is no ventilation in the sneaker. Cotton breathes, but other socks keep the moisture in. Be sure to lay off the soda because if it is an infection, sugar lowers your immune system.
It looks green which indicates it is probably a Pseudomonas Infection. This bacteria is highly susceptible to an acidic environment and is usually easily killed by soaking your foot in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and warm water for 20 minutes for 3 days.
Jeffrey Conforti
Most likely a fungal infection. For confirmation see a podiatrist who can culture it. Many options for treatment are available. Good luck.
Alec Hochstein
Green usually means bacteria, but could be fungal. Have the Podiatrist or Dermatologist check for bacteria or fungus with a scraping and/or culture and treat appropriately. Old fashioned Whitfields ointment could be the ticket here.
Alan Semion
It is most likely a fungal infection, Bacterial would cause some pain, you could use over the counter nail paint for nail fungus to help that but usually you would have to keep the foot clean , dry and aired out.
You have A fungus in your toenail. There are three ways to treat a fungus in the toenail. The first way is a topical cream. The second way is an oral antifungal medication. And the last way is to use laser to eradicate the fungus. The first thing that you should try is a topical antifungal medication. It could take 6 to 9 months to see total results.
Jordan Steinberg
Not the clearest picture but it may be a fungus. If it remains persistently discolor end then go see a podiatrist and get it analyzed to determine if it is a fungus, bacteria or combination thereof. You can always try applying some Vicks Vapor Rub nightly and see if that helps. Keep clean, dry socks as well to reduce moisture.
Seth Steber