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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

How effective is laser hair removal?

I don't like waxing/shaving/threading. What are the benefits of laser hair removal over other methods and are there any potential complications?

Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies

Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies
Tevora Tevora
Laser hair reduction has been around for a long time and there are many devices. The best devices well show a reduction of at least 80% and the highest percentage of laser hair reduction quoted by a company is 92%. Laser hair reduction is best accomplished in a patient with light skin and dark hair. Thus far, laser hair reduction does not work very well if your hair is blonde or red or gray and if you are a very darkly pigmented individual. It usually takes at least six treatments spaced apart every six weeks to achieve optimal results. Please note, laser hair reduction is not stated as permanent by the FDA.
Laser Hair Reduction is permanent but will only treat hair follicles in their active growing phase cysle so it takes a series (4-6) treatments. Darker hairs on lighter skin is best,.
Larry S. Nichter
Laser hair removal is extremely effective if the appropriate laser is used. The darker the hair and the lighter the skin the better the result. It usually requires 5-6 treatments in order to get the best results. Treatments are usually spaced 6 weeks apart in order to target hairs at different stages of growth. It only works on dark hairs so will not treat blonde or gray hairs. Risk are minimal if done by an appropriately trained provider
Laser hair removal targets the root of the hair follicle. It takes multiple sessions to be effective. Complications include possible burns hyper or hypo pigmentation and incomplete hair removal.
"Effective laser hair removal".....If you are light colored skin and Dark hair , you are a very good candidate. If you have blond, red, or gray hair you are not a good candidate. If you have very dark skin color you are usually not a good candidate. FDA approval is for permanent hair REDUCTION not complete hair REMOVAL. An 80% hair reductio or more is usually accomplished in anywhere from six to ten treatments. Hope that helps. GOOD LUCK! Dr Nick
Nicolas Colorado
Hair removal is very effective if you are a good candidate. However, even good candidates may require periodic touch-ups. Complications are possible so you should always start with a reputable Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in laser hair removal to find out if you are a good candidate.
Robert Strimling
Laser hair treatments reduce the size of the hair follicle and can change thick black hair to fine blond hairs which are much less noticeable and do not need shaving, Specific IPL and one laser machine can also reduce fair hair to a much smaller velum hair, A specific hair removal laser is the best, it is called the Lightshear Diode made by Lumenis an is the gold standard

Complications occur when too much power is used and when hair removal is done when you have a tan and can result in burns and white scars on dark skinned individuals. You should seek hair removal in a medical facility supervised by a board certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon and avoid spas where no doctor is present.
To be honest, the procedure is actually Laser Hair Reduction. FDA approves devices are given permission to claim, "permanent reduction," NOT "permanent removal" for their lasers. This means that although laser treatments with these devices will permanently reduce the total number of body hairs, they will not result in a permanent removal of all hair.

The better devices will result in an 85% reduction in the amount of hair in the treated area. Any remaining hair is usually finer and lighter in color.

The advantages over other treatments are the speed, effectiveness and long lasting results.

The risks include pain, redness, blistering, scarring, and light or dark spots in the areas treated.

With modern Lasers and appropriate care, these complications are rare.

Reducing complications is partly under your control. Be honest about whether you've had recent sun exposure, as activated pigment cells can increase the risk of pigmentation changes. And be sure to avoid sweaty exercise for 24 hours after a treatment as that could result in blistering, scarring and pigmentation problems.

In general though, If treated with the appropriate device for your skin type and hair with appropriate settings, complications are rare.
David Turok
I agree with the previous posts. We have been performing laser hair removal for over 15 years. I have found laser hair removal to be very safe and effective when performed by competent practitioners. The patient must be selected properly and the person performing the procedure should understand laser physics and the interaction between the laser and the target tissue to optimize results and prevent adverse effects. Generally, it is very safe, however poor patient selection and unrealistic promises have been too frequent and raised skepticism.
James T. Sandwich