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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Side, Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain

I have a dull aching pain in the right side and right-mid back. Not a constant pain but mainly when inhaling deeply. Next day I wake up with a constant dull ache in the right shoulder. Now, a few days later, the pain in the right side has vanished and, instead, I am having the same exact symptoms on the left side. Again, stretching around the left-mid back as well. Dull, aching shoulder pain is present on the left side, this time extending into the left-back side of the neck.
  • Male | 24 years old
  • Complaint duration: 2 days
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
  • Medications: None
  • Conditions: None

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Short duration pain that moves from side to side is often muscular. What is your question. There is no question here and the best advice is to see your doctor if the pain persists for more than five days. It is impossible to determine what is going on from a brief outline such as you provided.
You need to see a doctor, please call 281-893-8100 to schedule an appointment.
Anand Balasubramanian