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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Pain in leg

I wake up on Sunday morning with sharp paine in my leg,above my knee,it is a same today.It never happened before,and I didn't hit my self,neither I did excersise.I can hardly wak today.What should I do?
  • Female | 67 years old
  • Complaint duration: 1 day
  • Medications: Ibufren
  • Conditions: no

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It very important that you see a provider to r/o serious conditions such as blood clots. Sudden pain in this area could mean so many things . So do not self medicate with further eval to investigate the cause.
The diagnosis thats most important to rule in or out is a blood clot. Your doctor can order a simple scan that can tell if you have a blood clot or not and this is an urgent issue since the clot could travel and cause serious health issues. Get with your doctor to check this out. Good luck
Any new sudden onset pain without trauma could signify a vascular problem either arterial insufficiency or deep venous thrombus. There are some risk factors. Other issues could be radicular pain from a pinched never. Finally musculoskeletal etiology such as flare up of arthritis including gout should be considered.
Without more information it is hard to define the specific concerns but a trip to your Family Physician should solve the issue. The problem can be vascular, tissue, bone or electrolyte. The Orthopedic Surgeon will only address one of those potential causes. Your Family Physician can use your history, labs and exam to best define the cause and help you then decide on a course of treatment.
Go to your primary care physician, ER or urgent care for a diagnosis and treatment.
Louis B. Sachs
You need to come and see the doctor, Kindly contact office @ 281-893-8100 in order to set up an appointment.
Anand Balasubramanian
She needs to be evaluated by a physician.
Jeffrey Bloom
Initially , ice is always a good idea. Apply an ice pack three or four times a day till the ice melts. If you do not get better, see your orthopedic surgeon.