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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

1-2% second degree burns on feet

Second degree burns on feet, 1%, first degree burns on leg and arm, 2-5%. at what point is additional medical assistance needed? 25 y/o male, 165cm, 48kg
  • Male | 25 years old

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Close observation of feet is recommended . Otherwise symptomatic treatment of all burns is required.
Juan Nieto
Needs to been seen, if you are living in NY or PA , look me up on health tap

David Israel, MD
David Israel
You need evaluation for the second degree burns. If you notice any pus coming out of your wounds then you definitely need further evaluation. You didn't mention what you have done so far to treat the burns. Have you used any Silvadene cream so far. Seek some treatment soon.
Most first degree burns can be taken care of at home, However, I would have all 2nd and 3rd degree burns evaluated by a physician.You should not self diagnosis your burns. You are young and need to consider possible scarring, Seek professional advice.
NaNotchka Chumley
Medical assistance is needed for all 3rd degree burns ( full skin loss) and some 2nd degree burns depending on the severity. Read the other response for treatments.
What kind of burns are they?. Thermal, chemical or electrical? Majority tend to be thermal injury such as hot water/oil. Most burns can be treated with daily dressing change and application of silvadene or bacitracin ointment to prevent infection. In addition, any burns on vital areas such as hands or feet should be evaluated at least by a primary care physician if not at a burn center. Most second degrees burns, especially if they are more superficial will heal without incident. Deeper second degree and certainly third degree burns can heal with scarring. Finally make sure your tetanus vaccination is up to date.