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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Hemorrhoids or something else?

I've been very constipated lately, about 10 days. I sometimes have to get gloves & go inside my anus to then finally poop. I sometimes push so hard it makes me throw up. After a whole pooping I felt discomfort and felt stinging. I went to go check & felt a bubbly red spot that sticks out. What is it.
  • Female | 18 years old
  • Complaint duration: 1 day

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I agree its a hemmorhoid but the big issue is why you are so constipated. This has to be fixed. Its not a terrible problem but it suggests your diet is not what it could and should be. You have to look at the big picture and get your diet and exercise program right.Good luck
Looks like a hemorrhoid. In addition to the mentioned treatments, take a warm bath or let warm water run over the hemorrhoid. Combined with the below mentioned treatments, this should help
Looks like a hemorrhoid... Start by adding some fiber to your diet (BENEFIBER, METAMUCIL) and increasing your fluid intake. Your goal should be 1-2 soft, but formed, stools a day. You can use MAGNESIUM CITRATE if you need very quick (but violent) relief of constipation. MIRALAX (PROPYLENE GLYCOL) twice a day should get you "regular" in a day or so. For any pain/burning/discomfort from the hemorrhoid, I recommend a PREPARATION H suppository coated in ANUSOL ointment. Best plan... AVOID CONSTIPATION BY EATING MORE FIBER IN YOUR DIET.
Constipation as you report can cause many problems with hemorrhoids being only one problem. You should consider using an OTC laxative like Miralax and if this problem does not clear up , see your doctor.