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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

I want to stop being sick

I am nauseous, cramping, period only lasted one day, loss of appetite, exhausted all the time, some abdominal pain rarely. Not pregnant, but when I think about food I feel nauseous. Had diarrhea Thursday at 3AM but no bowel movement since then.
  • Female | 23 years old
  • Complaint duration: 5 days
  • Medications: none
  • Conditions: no

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Other things to consider include irritable bowel syndrome as well. The abnormal duration of the period could also be secondary to stress. Irritable bowel syndrome is a diagnosis of exclusion and has been associated with stress and anxiety.
This sounds like a premenstrual syndrome or PMDD and you should see your gynecologist. Also your symptoms may be related to hormonal imbalance such as hypothyroidism. It is impossible to tell from your few symptoms and a full gynecological exam is needed.