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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

US findings on an enlarged lymph node

Hello. I'm 22 years old. I have a lymph node on my neck for more than a month now. I can feel it, it's painless and movable. I did an US and the findings were "Bilateral non-specific submandibular lymphadenopathy of benign nature (preserved ovoid shape and fatty hilum). Conclusion: Normal Study"

I have no other symptoms and everything else was normal on the US

My question is; are these findings enough to tell that it's not cancer or should I ask for more tests?
  • Male | 22 years old
  • Complaint duration: 38 days

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The probability of cancer is low BUT I would get an exam from your Family Doctor and they will probably give you a trial of antibiotics and reexamine after......rarely are these a problem but you don't want a biopsy if we can figure this out without poking holes in you.
A sentinal node should always get a needle biopsy. It would be a shame to miss your cancer if that is the problem.
Go see your dentist and have a complete exam and dental x-rays to look for a dental abscess. Have your family doctor check for allergies. Sometime enlarged lymph nodes can be related to chronic post nasal drip and allergies.

Perhaps you have some undiagnosed dental or periodontal disease. If you live on the east coast have blood drawn for a Lyme test or babesoisis. Really your u/s sounds benign, lack of disease. .

based on the diagnosis/findings, I would say it is considered noncancerous (benign) unless your symptoms change.
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