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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Abnormal labs


I am a 31 y.o. Female with recent labs indicating a WBC of 3.4, absolute neutrophils 1.5, and neutrophil 48 percent. Other labs normal and I'm otherwise healthy. No recent illness. I am worried about autoimmune disease or hematologic cancer. What do you think?
  • Female | 31 years old
  • Medications: None
  • Conditions: No

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Featured Answer

1 UpVoted this answer Don Hurley, DO, FAAFP, DABFM, CPI Family Medicine, Charleston
A slightly low WBC on one CBC is not a cause for concern. Sometimes the neutrophil count will drop around your menstrual cycle. If the blood count was drawn around your cycle wait 2 weeks and have it repeated.
An isolated result of low WBC count or leukopenia should not be a cause for concern. Before perseverating about it, get the test repeated in several weeks to a month.
Without any other symptoms, family history or notable exposure the probability is very low. Please follow up with your Family Physician in 2-4 weeks for a repeat test and exam. They are the most likely source of appropriate workup.
Low WBC is not an indication of autoimmune disease. You would have to have specific testing for anti-nuclear antibodies, sed rate, RF, etc. You have some leukopenia and should be investigated further. Worrying about a disease is never a solution. See a hematologist if you are concerned.