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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Yeast Infection?


I have been experiencing internal and external vaginal itching. I also have white thick discharge. Can this be a yeast infection? I do not think it is a STD because I only have been having sex with the same person for 2 years now. I gave him oral sex yesterday and this morning he woke up with a rash on his penis, but i don't have any signs of infection in my mouth. PLEASE HELP.
  • Female | 19 years old
  • Complaint duration: 4 days

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Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies
Fungal overgrowth in the vagina is common in women and easy to treat . Over the counter Massengil vinegar douche is helpful , but sometimes anti-fungal medications are needed. Penis rashes are rarely related to fungal infections unless the man is not circumcised.
This sounds like a yeast infection and you could try treating it as such, but regular gynecologic evaluations are important to check for sexually transmitted diseases including genital herpes. Sometimes genital herpes symptoms can be similar to yeast infections, so it's worth checking.
Kyle A Baker
A possible STD is not an ideal question in this forum. You need an exam and proper diagnosis .
Alberto Sobrado
Without seeing a physician for a physical exam, the possibilities are many. Because you are only having sex with him doesn't mean he's only having sex with you. For the two of you to have symptoms, an STD is most likely. You BOTH need to be seen, evaluated, and likely treated. A yeast infection is VERY unlikely as the cause of his penis rash unless he has uncontrolled diabetes.
It could have been yeast.
Don Ha
Best for both of you to be examined.
Certainly your symptoms sound like yeast...His rash may be related or may be something else...Its always best to have an exam by a doctor and try to find out for sure..If its just yeast its easy to treat...
This certainly sounds like a yeast infection. You can try OTC Monistat, but if you want to be sure, you will need an exam