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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

boric acid suppositories

Good afternoon. Yesterday, I inserted one 00 capsule of boric acid inside my vagina to get rid of BV and this rotten egg smell after my last period. Since then, I have been experiencing heavy thrush like discharge that feels bubbly, yellowish discharge, golden yellow urine, pelvic and abdominal pain, vaginal pain near my cervix, and now I am spotting blood. I am really concerned right now and I am not sure what to do or if I should be worried. Can any one tell me what I am experiencing, please?

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I agree with the others that the symptoms are concerning for other potential infections etc. You should seek an evaluation with your provider to assess for other possible infections.
Patrick Ramsey
The boric acid has not had an opportunity to work in one day. Are you taking probiotics? I like brands like Culturelle, available at the drug store. Don't by an off-brand. Pelvic pain is something that needs attention. It could be kidney in origin or uterine. You don't know.
None of the symptoms you describe are caused by boric acid. You need to be checked and cultured.
Joseph A. Pineda
The key is to base your treatment on culture results . If this was done and the provider who you saw prescribed the Boric Acid, you should go back for another exam and see whether this is just a reaction to the Boric Acid or whether there is something else going on in addition.
Kyle A Baker
These are not symptoms from boric acid. You should go get evaluated. wash the area out with water in the mean time.
Boric acid shouldn't give you all these symptoms. I recommend you go see an obgyn and have them to a pelvic exam and cultures.
Best to be ckecked and

be treated for this soon.