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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Depo shot

I recently stopped depo about 5 weeks ago. Since that day I bled for 4 weeks which stopped then started again 8 days later. I have been extremely tired, bad anxiety and panic and very out of it like spaciness. I'm not anemic. Could this be hormonal? I feel like I'm crazy but I know I'm not! Please help
  • Female | 31 years old
  • Medications: Metformin
  • Conditions: Pcos?

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Depo has never been one of my favorite means of contraception for all the reasons you mentioned. I use it if the patient request it and has not had some or any of the undesired effects that you mentioned. There is history of irregular bleeding for the first three shots and weight gain of up to 10 lbs in some cases and break thru bleeding for the first three injections. As well as depression or exacerbation of mood swings if the patient is already susceptible to these. Plus your periods may not resume "normal" cycling for up to a year in some cases.

Getting back on oral contraception would help clear up...over a period of time ...these symptoms you describe.
Joseph A. Pineda
The effects of Depo-Provera sometimes last for months after the last injection. This irregular bleeding and moodiness/spaciness are typical symptoms. If you are not trying to get pregnant going on oral contraceptive pills would help regulate the bleeding and 'hormonal' symptoms , at least for the short term to get back on track.
Kyle A Baker
Depo Provera is one of my least favorite drugs for all the reasons you describe plus more. One shot can have physiologic effects for up to 10 months. If you have PCOS and are not trying to conceive you should stay on some form of contraception that will help control the PCOS that can be OCPs or NuvaRing. You did not state why you stopped Depo Provera. Please see a board certified OB/Gyn to help you sort this out and get help with your symptoms. Good luck.
It is good that you stopped it.

However, it would be best to

be checked to find out why

you have these symptoms.
Depo Provera has certainly been associated with strange bleeding patterns at times although 4 weeks straight may indicate another underlying issue and definitley warrants an evaluation by a gynecologist.
Peter Guirguis
I assume you mean Depo-Provera. Of course it is hormonal. Cessation of progesterone brings on a menstrual cycle and since progesterone acts like a tranquilizer on the female brain, abrupt cessation will bring on anxiety, etc. See your Gynecologist.