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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

I am a 29 yo male who had diarrhea yesterday.

I am a 29 yo male who had diarrhea yesterday. My stomach and tushes are both sore and I have discomfort in those areas. What can I do to improve this?
  • Male
  • Complaint duration: 1 day

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The question is what we think caused the diarrhea may help direct your care in the right direction. If we think it was because of a viral gastroenteritis then it will self limit and resolve on its own. If you contracted a bacterial gastroenteritis because you ate some food that caused food poisoning then you may need antibiotic treatment to resolve this. (This is the case if you do not see improvement of your symptoms with the good advise given below by the 3 other doctors with hydration, clear diet etc). If you are not getting better in 2 days better then go see your primary care physician for further evaluation.
Agree with clear liquids (water, broth, ginger ale with the fizz stirred out - ginger can settle the stomach). Hydration is most important. Advance as tolerated to bland, simple foods. Avoid dairy for several days, as lactose is not handled well by inflamed intestines. Some people feel better with a heating pad over the abdomen. Use gentle tissue or even baby wipes, and avoid over-wiping. Avoid ibuprofen as this can upset the GI tract.
Tristram Hill
Get on a clear liquid diet for a day or so to give your intestines a chance to "rest". When you resume your diet in a day or two, stick to bland carbohydrates which are easy to digest--rice, bread, plain pasta--and avoid any oily, spicy foods meats and dairy for a several more days. If you don't have severe diarrhea, passage of blood or fever, you can try a dose or two of Imodium AD. See your doctor if you don't clear up quickly.
John G. Van Derwood
Diarrhea refers to more than three watery BM's a day. Treatment depends on the cause. Most people improve with probiotics and/or fiber supplements. To decrease the discomfort Sitz baths are recommended after BM's and hemorrhoidal creams like Anusol help . Witch Hazel has also been used for relief but Baby Wipes contain the same ingredients. If it continues, see your doctor.