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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

maybe ruptured ear drum

I think I may have ruptured one or both of my ear drums. It's hard to hear from both but the right one hurts and it's harder to hear. No bleeding but I accidentally used hydrogen peroxide in my right ear before I realized what may have happened. I had someone look at it with a flash light and they said it looked scratched. I've made an appointment with my doctor but I won't be able to see them for 5 days, do I need to get help now?
  • 18 years old
  • Complaint duration: 1 day
  • Medications: Adderall
  • Conditions: No

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You should schedule an appointment with a board certified ENT physician. That doctor can evaluate your ears and conclude if you have or have not ruptured your eardrum. In the meantime do not put anything in your ear. Keep your ear dry when you shower or bath and do not swim until you have had an examination.
John Austin
No I don't think you urgent care. Your family doctor should be able to look and recommend an ENT evaluation of meeded
unless you see difficult to treat but keep ear dry,donot allow water entry into ears ,take mox 500 3 times,limcee bd,sporlac od, fibrex-lp od x 7 not blow your nose. urgent treatment n care needed.
No rush to see a doctor but don't use anything in your ear. Newly ruptured eardrums usually heal without intervention
Ronald Bogdasarian
I don't think you have ruptured your ear drum as it is painful and will have bleeding from ears. You could have wax built-up and hydrogen peroxide may have clogged up need to be seen by a doctor using otoscope.
Pradeep Shenoy
i doubt you have ruptured an ear drum... you would be in terrible pain. IT is possible that you have wax buildup and it has affected your hearing. It is impossible to look into the ear with a flashlight, you need an otoscope.