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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Blood pregnancy test

Why would my doctor need to see me to give me the results of my blood pregnancy test? In your opinion what does that mean. They refused to give me any answers over the phone and won't post it in the patient portal.
  • Female | 27 years old

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Could they have done an HIV at the same time? That' s a possible reason that they would not release the info. Some offices might not want to release a pregnancy test result to the portal for fear of your reaction ...they want to be able to congratulate you or console you depending on your results and your expectation...but that should be outlined in their privacy policy...
Rather than trying to guess the reasons, it makes sense to see your physician to discuss the results of the test. This is protected information and bound by HIPAA laws. As to why they wouldn't post it on the portal which only you should have access to, I am not sure.
Because of privacy law which is aimed to protect the patients' ABSOLUTE right to keep all infos confidential
Don Ha
Ask the Doctor to explain the reason for the office visit. Maybe there is usual circumstances that need to be explained in person. Maybe other tests were drawn along with the pregnancy tests that could affect your pregnancy that need attention. Go see the Doc you trusted them enough to have the blood drawn in the first place.
Pregnancy is a personal choice. I would not reveal the information without an office visit. I think that you should either do your own pregnancy test or just visit the doctor who did the test.
This information is very personal and very protected. It is a FELONY to provide your information, even in error, to anyone else. The only way to ensure "you are you" is a visit. AND the results may need some confirmation, explanation or further testing....NO test in 100% accurate.
It's safer this way.