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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Will marijuana show up on or affect thyroid or hormone level tests?

From about July 14th-25th I smoked marijuana a few times a week. Now, next week I am getting my thyroid and hormone levels checked. So, I was wondering if that would show up on any of the tests. My mom is the doctor doing the tests so I just need to know what she's going to see. Also, if those tests don't show anything related to marijuana what tests would besides a drug test?
  • Female | 19 years old

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Featured Answer

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If you are just getting your thyroid and hormone levels checked ..there will be no indication of marijuana. The only way marijuana can be detected is through a urine or blood test specifically looking for that result drug...the dipstick test of urine is not very reliable as there can be false positives but there are urine tests that are very sensitive. The real danger of pot smoking seems to be more psychological rather than physical may rob you of ambition and at your age you want your brain to continue to expand and grow...I hope you stay well and respect your health
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Typically a urine test is employed to check for drugs of abuse. Unless they are running a urine drug test, the marijuana will not show up. In addition, unless they are specifically checking for drugs I would say you have nothing to worry about.
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Marijuana can affect hormone levels in teens as well as affecting brain development. Some teens also get decreased WBC and testosterone after marijuana exposure.
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Marihuana influences the brain which regulates your thyroid
Don Ha
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Marijuana is usually checked for by a technique called thin layer chromatography sampled from urine. If a positive test is found on screening a more detailed urine test is done by liquid or gas chromatography. If the physician is performing blood tests hormone, thyroid panel marijuana is not something that is tested for in blood.