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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Height Question

I've recently turned 20 years old and i'm 5'6 1/2. I started puberty at about 14 at 5'3-5'4, and I haven't grown at all since junior year in high school. Is it possible that i could have only grown 2-3 inches during puberty!? or could i be a late bloomer? My mother is 5'5 and my father is 5'7. My predicted height was between 5'9-5'10, could that have been stunted by anything as to where i haven't reached my full potential? My older brother is 5'7 and my younger brother is only 14 and already 5'1.
  • Male | 20 years old
  • Complaint duration: 90 days

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Sometimes we take after our grandparents. Also stress and parent stressors can make it difficult to grow, so if that's an issue you may have to deal with that or move out or whatever you need. You also need certain minerals and vitamins that are only found in fruits and vegetables. There's also minerals in an amazing supplement product that I wish everyone started with to help them grow. It's called youngevity plant-derived minerals. You can find it at
Sure its possible to only grow a few inches. ...This could be determined by your genes but is also under the control of growth hormone. A visit with your doctor or perhaps an endocrinologist can easily confirm that there is nothing treatable about your height. 5 feet 6.5 inches is not really short and the fact that your height is between your parents heights is reassuring that nothing serious is going on. Look at all the successful people who are your height or shorter...
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Don Ha, L AC
Don Ha
I believe you probably have reached your maximum height, being roughly what your father is. Nutrition can affect bone length but I Still believe your grow cycle is complete.
Average height of children is between mom and dad's height. You can still grow up to about age 23, depending on if your bones have fused.You are in the normal range, so try not to focus on it
You probably reached your max height, it is possible that environmental factors such as illness or nutrition would have made a difference,but it's rare to grow above the age of 20. Be happy with your height. Don't ever let it hold you back.
Your sex makes a difference in the prediction. When did you fall off your growth curve? What did your pediatrician say? Any significant illness, substance use, medications? Any xray review of growth? These are all questions your family physician will be asking. There are several possible causes and they need investigation.