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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Uterus feels like it is burning

I feel pain sometimes in my uterus (mostly on my left side but sometimes on the right side) some discomfort and burning feeling in the middle. Sometimes cramps and always bloating. I started a new birth control Aviane about two and a half months ago. The discomfort and bloating started about then and has gotten slightly worse. What can I do? What could this be?

I have also had a lot of stomach pain lately but i don't believe they are related. Last week my stomach hurt so badly i had to go home and lie down which felt better after about an hour or two. walking helped but so much pain i couldn't sit up. not a lot of pain now but still some every day. Possibly excess stress. What is going on? Not sure if the two were related but i wanted to add them both.
  • Female | 24 years old
  • Complaint duration: 75 days
  • Medications: Aviane birth control

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Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies

Featured Answer

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you need to ask your practitioner to do a comprehensive blood test including extensive hormonal panel to see if by any means the birth control pills are possibly a contributing factor into possible development of any cyst, polyps and alike.

stomach pain can be something other than hormonal issues, but not entirely..

ask your practitioner for some Ultrasound, and hormones test for find the root cause.
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The first thing to do before anything else, is to make a friendly visit to your family Naturopathic Physician, to ascertain what might be your problem, as describbed above....OK??!! Amen?!!!
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Health is a result of Natural and Healthy Lifestyle.Simple answer to all problems of sickness can the turned to a peaceful journey to health if you adopt habits in your daily life that promotes good health. Our program begins with one day fasting drinking only plain cool water in small sips, holding each sip in the mouth for some time to warm up before it is swallowed. Second day one can take tender coconut water all day. In the privacy of your room, if sunlight comes in, expose the pain area to mild sunlight for some time, rmembering to stop before the exposed part of the body begins to heat up. Keep a cotton wet towel over the pain area for 20 minutes twice of thrice if needed. Do some deep breathing exercise followed by meditating on the breath for 20 minutes. By the end of wnd day there will be a drastic reduction of pain and you simply have to continue the rest of the week taking one meal of fresh well ripe fruits (one kind only) for breakfast. Take a bowl of raw vegetable salad, without any salt, lime or dressing at lunch time and take a bowl of conservatively cooked vegetables soup with a couple of slices of whole wheat bread or a little brown rice. Within a month or less than that you will feel lot better and you will be back to normal.
Arun Sharma
1 UpVoted this answer Arun Sharma, ND Naturopathic Doctor, Gilbert
I wanted to respond to your posting. As a Naturopathic Doctor, my role is to teach you to educate yourself. In that, I would like to say that everyone's body is a complex network of chemical and biological processes. Each body is created unique in its ability to adapt to environmental and biological factors. This means that every person reacts differently to whatever external things we impose on our bodies. When it comes to chemical agents or drugs that change the overall body purpose of creating new life through the process of pregnancy and birth you get into serious problems. Meaning that your body and about 70% of its overall focus at your age is meant to be for the purpose of creating new life and continuing that reproductive process. That is why the urge to have sexual relations with a man is SO STRONG. It is really what the reproductive system is all about. So interfering with this process causes many problems. I would go back to your doctor and relate this to him your body's reaction to this drug and my advise is to get off of it although I am not a doctor in the traditional sense of the word. My practice as a Naturopath is primarily educational and to suggest options although I have gone through extensive training both medically and in terms of natural health and natural nutrition. I have a PhD in Naturopathic Medicine. So just knowing this fact might help you to see that having relationships that are not leaning toward marriage and creating a family have a cost to your health because you are stopping what your body wants to do--create new life. Just think about what I have said and take care of yourself. You are already listening to your body that does not like this drug. I would suspect that that drug is causing most of your problems but without knowing your overall health and lifestyle choices (diet, etc) I cannot say for sure. Take care and I will say a little prayer for you to come to an understanding of what I have said.
Albuquerque New Mexico
Aviane's common side effects may include nausea, vomiting, stomach cramping/bloating, dizziness, vaginal discomfort, discharge, or breast tenderness. Aviane would not cause "uterine pain." Like all other OCs, containing Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol, Aviane too, thins the endometrium and if an infection is attached, that infection may cause pain and discomfort you describe. You may also have retroflexed and/or retroverted uterus and the increased discharge causes tension and pain.

Your provider, who has prescribed you the Aviane, should have assigned you for a follow up visit. Use that opportunity and get bimanual exam, colposcopy, and papsmear performed.
Stomach pain is generally the result of increased Hydrochloric acid from the body's need for more alkalinity or sodium bicarbonate. I would suggest an over-the-counter anti-acid to neutralize the stomach acid. I would also suggest a more alkaline diet which will not only help the stomach but also the pain in the uterus. Any pain is the result of localized acidity. Increase your hydration of alkaline water at a pH of 9.5/ You can purchase this alkaline pH at any Whole Foods or Health Food Store.
It seems you may be having an adverse reaction to the BC pills. Please see your gynecologist as soon as possible. In the meantime Dong Quai may provide some relief.
Margaret Bailey
A simple exam and treatment

Have you been to your medical doctor regarding this issue? The birth control could be part of an issue, however, please rule out possibilities of cysts on the ovaries and or fibroids. please read this article for more information on cysts:
Sushma Shah
Did you have any of these symptoms or issues before starting the new birth control? If so, the issues may be unrelated to Aviane. Which form of birth control, if any, were you using prior to this one? If none, and you were active, there may be some other issues to look into. Finally, tell a bit more about the pain itself. Specifically, did it initially begin in the pelvic cavity (where the uterus is), or did the pain first start higher, near the umbilicus, then move down? In short, 75 days is too long to endure this discomfort and uncertainty; I recommend you return to your practitioner for help.
Don Selvey