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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Heart skipping a beat

When I sit down, lay down or walk I can feel my heart skipping a beat, sometimes I can feel it beating so fast and I get really dizzy to the point where I nearly faint and I can't breathe and struggle clenching my chest. Sometimes the doctors can't find my pulse until they press down really hard. Than at night I would feel my heart racing and I would need to lay down like I m sitting up. What is wrong and should I see a specialist?
  • Female | 18 years old
  • Complaint duration: 90 days
  • Ethnicity: Vietnamese
  • Height: 52
  • Weight: 102lbs
  • Medications: Pristiq, Fluoxitine, Ventolin, Asmol, Serquel
  • Conditions: Asthma, Severe depression and anxiety
  • Hospitalizations: Over 5 times

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Featured Answer

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Dysautonomia syndrome may cause symptoms described by you. They can be alleviated by avoidance of stimulants, ensuring hydration, wearing support hose (15 to 20 mmHg compression to at least below the knees & higher if tolerated), using magnesium, vitamin D & omega fish oils, use code: CMC), low dose beta blockers e.g. propranolol 5 to 10 mg 2 to 3 times daily. Read Dr. Ronald Hoffman’s MVP book and See a cardiologist to exclude arrhythmias, possibly worsened by medications.
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If you are having regular episodes of missed or fast heart beats, I would recommend you see your primary doctor (here in Canada, that would be your GP) or your specialist, soon if possible, as these symptoms may be related to your medications or something else that needs to be treated.

In Canada, your GP would make the referral to a cardiologist if necessary after reviewing your meds and doing appropriate tests.
Serquel side effects. Refer to psychiatrist to change it.
Professor M Zak Khalil MD MRCPUK
I would start you on some heart specific nutritional blends and balance you with some Chinese element blends. Asthma can be caused by parasites--muscle testing can find this out. I have helped several asthmatics reduce and reverse their conditions. And as your health improves you can ask your MD to reduce and wean you off your un-natural chemical formulations. One specific blend I carry was originally for heart nerve balance but it was so helpful for other nervous system conditions the company changed its name to Nerve from Heart/nerve. Muscle testing will show what your body is currently fighting--infection wise and how to balance your nutritional needs to regain your health. Are you underweight? Get well, Dr. Jon
Yes, I would advise that you see a heart specialist as soon as possible(ASAP)!! OK?!!! Amen?!!!
the root cause could be your thyroid, anemia, and or heart itself. So, give a comprehensive blood test and see a cardiologist. Also if you are an active (serious sport) and a vegan at the same time 'that could be a red-flag as well.

Heart disease or any other problem can be only cured by removing the effects of the problem, You should try to remove the cause of the problem. The safest and surest way to alleviate your problem is to change your life style to a natural and healthy one.
Arun Sharma
The irregular heartbeats may be a result of the medication you are taking. Please see a cardiologist to rule out a heart problem.
Margaret Bailey
An occasional irregular heartbeat is perfectly normal; however, what you are describing does not sound like a normal event. Yes! Go see your primary care provider, ASAP. This could be a complication of your medications - but do NOT discontinue any of them without approval from your primary care provider.
Don Selvey
It could be seveal things. Your body could be low in Potassium and Magnesium. You also could be suffering from anxiety.

if you want a natural approach, feel free to Contact our office.