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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

My 2 year old has an infected foot?

I took my 2 year old to the park and she came back with what looked like a mosquito bite on her foot. I disinfected it with alcohol.She complained about it but I thought it would heal on its own.However a few days ago there was a bump where the mosquito had bitten her. This morning she woke up with what appears like a bruise.Her foot is swollen around the bite and has a blue and purple color spread all around her foot. She seems to be experiencing some discomfort. What should I do?
  • Female | 23 years old
  • Complaint duration: 8 days

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Featured Answer

1 UpVoted this answer Bernabe B. Canlas, DPM Podiatrist, League City
I have seen patients, including my own daughter, who developed cellulitis after a mosquito bite. Your daughter needs to be seen by a health care professional, either through the ER or physician's office. A podiatrist, pediatrician or family practice provider should evaluate and if needed an incision and drainage be done, if the infection does not start responding to antibiotics within 48 hours or if symptoms begin to worsen (red streaking up the foot, increased pain and/or swelling, or an elevated temperature). You do not want her to become septic (bacteria in the blood). Don't hesitate in having her seen by her health care provider.
Roland Tolliver
8 Days duration and looking this bad necessitates the urgency to be seen immediately in the ED or Urgent care center.
Seth Steber
Most localized reactions should improve over 48 to 72 hours. These are typically benign and treated with cool compressed and Benadryl. However if there is persistent swelling, skin discoloration, fever, these are indications there may be an infection. The prevalence of MRSA which is a specific type of staph infection resistant to penicillins is increasing. Please have her evaluated by the pediatrician or take her to the emergency department
The mosquito bite led to a staph infection which is getting worse. The swelling, change in color and pain are all signs of cellulitis which is a bacterial infection of the skin. She needs to start antibiotics and in view of how quickly this has progressed the antibiotics would need to cover MRSA (resistant staphylococcus) and I would suggest bactrim or clindamycin to be started as soon as possible
Andres Ramgoolam
Most probably there is an infection.

Better see a pediatricien.

Before that you can try applying hot packs on it ,if it gets softer & less sore that could have solved the complaint.
George Carouba
Definitely go to the pediatrian or ER. Any chance that it is infected, things could go the down way fast! Dr Rich Blake

Typically soaking for 30 minutes in warm water, every few hours, or placing a warm damp face cloth over the area, and then wrapping with sarah wrap for 30 minutes can pull out the infection. You can do this every 2 hours or so.
Richard Blake
Check vitals, give broad spectrum antibiotic such as Augmentin, soak foot in Strong solution of Epsom Salts and warm water and watch closely.
Jeffrey Conforti
You need to take her to her pediatrician or the emergency room without delay

it sounds like it is infected
Hanna Gebre Medhin
I am in agreement to go an seek help from a qualified healthcare professional. To echo other contributors, should it be a spider bite or, if it is infected, you will feel much better after finally getting an answer.

Good Luck.
Marc Blatstein
Seek help from a qualified health professional. From the description it sounds like the skin and soft tissue are infected. Staph is a common pathogen and can cause serious morbidity.
James T. Sandwich