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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

sharp pain in right side

Having a sharp pain in my right side it burns when I pee and I have painful swollen glands
  • Female | 18 years old
  • Complaint duration: 4 days

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Featured Answer

2 UpVoted this answer Craig Evans, DC Chiropractic Physician, Laurel Springs
Short answer is see your doctor as you may need antibiotics. Pain with urination can indicate an infection, which can be diagnosed by a simple in-office test of your urine. More importantly, the pain in your right side with swollen glands could indicate something called Fitz Hugh-Curtis syndrome or perihepatitis. This is when pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) spreads to the right pelvis and then to the capsule surrounding the liver and you should ask your doctor if he or she thinks this is going on. Urinary tract infections are not normally sexually transmitted but PID and perihepatitis are usually caused by gonorrhea or chlamydia so it is important that you (and whoever gave it to you) get treated if this is going on.
1 UpVoted this answer Craig Evans, DC Chiropractic Physician, Laurel Springs
Go get this checked out with your doctor ! It could be lots of things from an uncomplicated urinary tract infection to something much more serious will not get a good answer for this problem on the internet. Your doctor needs to run tests and maybe a scan to check this out. Best of luck to you
1 UpVoted this answer Craig Evans, DC Chiropractic Physician, Laurel Springs
Please see Dr. Fitzgerald's response as he has given an excellent response, below. You did not say exactly where the swollen glands are, but certainly, this usually indicates some type of infection in the region of the body which is drained by those glands. A thorough history and physical with your physician will clarify the problem and appropriate treatment can then be given.
John G. Van Derwood
This sounds like urinary tract infection that needs treatment, initially emberic , then based on urine culture the antibiotics could be adjusted. But where are the glands swollen? is it in the inguinal area or glands around the neck and submandibular area???. another possibility is chlamydial/gonorrheal infection , however this needs more history on intimate relation. if pain is colicky(goes and comes )and a history of kidney stones also changes diagnosis. so please elaborate more on your history.
Yaseen Odeh
Quite likely a urinary tract infection and could even be pyelonephritis (complicated urinary infection that is affecting your kidneys) which is causing your right side pain. If you have any fever, nausea or worsening abdominal pain then you should go to the ER as you may need IV antibiotics and a CT scan to evaluate. You did not mention where your swollen glands are so I do not want to speculate on what that means(it can be a multitude of possibilities). In short, go see a doctor ASAP.
This symptom indicates some possible infection. See your doctor or go to STD clinic and make sure you don't have Chlamydia or Herpes infection.
Might be a kidney stone passing. These can pass on their own and not be an issue (though the are very painful). Be sure to drink lots of water, and possibly even unsweetened cranberry juice. Go to ER if you develop a fever. Where are the glands swollen? There is a great herb called cleavers (galium aperine) that has been shown to reduce the size of stones. Take the dosage on the label at a quality health food store.