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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Lysol/Clorox Spray...

What happens if you inhale lysol/clorox disinfectant spray? Is it bad for you in anyway?
  • Complaint duration: 2 days

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Featured Answer

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Lysol is a phenol like molecule intended to act as a disinfectant. Prolonged exposure to your lungs and mucous membranes is caustic. It can inflame these tissues and create difficulty with breathing and swallowing. Never Inhale these products. Use in a well ventilated room, spray away from your face into the center of the room. Perhaps shortly hold your breath when you do use this product so you don't accidently inhale the product as you dispense it.
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Bleach containing sprays are irritating to the lungs and nose. Aside from cough , headache or sore throat, the effects are often temporary. Some people can become sensitized to these agents and get rashes, or nausea upon contact.
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These products are alkali, which are more harmful to the respiratory tract even than acids are. Inhaling strong fumes or overspray should be avoided. Wear a mask if necessary. If you have already had exposure, judge by your symptoms. If you are having a persistent cough, or any shortness of breath or wheezing, you should see your doctor right away. Chemical pneumonitis is possible with significant exposure.
John G. Van Derwood
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If it happens once probably not unless you have some allergic condition or asthma, but if you inhale on a regular bases you can get a chemical pneumonia type reaction. You should definitely reduce exposer and use it in a safe manner.
If you have underlying conditions such as Asthma or other lung problems, it can lead to worsening and exacerbation of those conditions so you should definitely wear a mask if frequent exposure to such products is expected.