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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Fatigue - question.

Hi. I suffer from fatigue. What is the treatment?
  • Male | 27 years old
  • Complaint duration: 90 days

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Featured Answer

2 UpVoted this answer John S. Ferris, MD Internist, Grapevine
That's one of the most common complaints in clinical practice, and the list of possible causes is very extensive. Among a variety of others some of the common causes include hormone imbalances and defciciencies, anemia, B12 deficiency, sleep disorders, obesity and physical deconditioning (i.e., being "out of shape"). Certainly many other conditions, mentioned previously are possible as well. Thus, the treatment for fatigue cannot be given without first identifying the cause. Please visit an internist or family medicine specialist to be evaluated for your complaint.
John G. Van Derwood
A very common problem but needs a visit to your primary care physician to get a complete evaluation including a thorough physical exam and blood work and other testing based on what your physician will find or determine during your visit.
As others have said you need a lot more information about why you're fatigued before one can tell you what to do. Some things are easy--are you sleeping poorly or too little? are you eating poorly? are you more fatigued after you drink or take a medicine? Sometimes by reflecting on what brings it on you can begin to do what you need to treat it. Even if it doesn't give you the answer, paying attention to what affects your fatigue will help you describe it better to your doctor who then might be better able to diagnose and treat you.
Fatigue is a non-specific symptom than can occur with anything from Anemia to Upper Resp infection. It is not possible to diagnose without a medical visits,detailed history and testing. Getting adequate sleep is the first treatment and more information is needed for a diagnosis.
The treatment would depend on the cause or causes which are too many to discuss rationally in this forum. See an Internal Medicine or Family doctor to begin an assessment. Once the cause is identified then a treatment plan can be offered. Best of luck... And health.
John S. Ferris
You have to rule out thyroid issues, anemia etc with lab tests then you can address possible causes like sleep apnea, depression, etc...The basics of diet and exercise must be attended to....Your doctor can go through the differential diagnosis with you...
My list of differentials include: Medication side effects, Nutritional deficiencies and anemia, Hypothyroidism, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Chronic infections/viruses, latent dental infections, sleep issues, adrenal issues, autoimmune conditions including diabetes etc.
Shalini Kapoor