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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

PMLE - allergic to the sun

Why am I allergic to the sun? diagnosed with Hashimotos disease in 2000 then in 2002 ended up with PMLE and still reacting to the sun today. I've switched from Levoxyl to Armour thyroid 2 yrs ago and no change. In 2013 diagnosed homozygous C-677T. Taking Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin, Krill Oil, Folate, D3 and Calcium.
  • Female | 49 years old
  • Complaint duration: 90 days
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
  • Height: 66
  • Weight: 135lbs
  • Medications: Armour thyroid
  • Conditions: DVT back in 1991. MTHFR homozygous C-677T, Hashimotos disease

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Featured Answer

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I believe this has to do with your liver. It has accumulated too much heat/acids/toxins, and it's showing up in your skin. Your liver has slowed down due to the hypothyroid. The hypothyroid is often associated with high cholesterol, and this has everything to do with the speed at which your liver processes fat and cholesterol. Your dose of Armour may not be adequate, or if so, then this is something that accumulated while your thyroid was too slow. Definitely, a liver cleanse is indicated here and some blood cleansers as well. I've got a really excellent one.

Only use natural products on the skin. Anything can irritate, especially if it's chemical-based. Moisturizers often have skin irritants in them. Perfumes can irritate. Hairspray can irritate if it gets on your skin. Go very basic - olive oil, sesame oil, or coconut oil would be best since it has a cooling effect on the skin. You want to go pure and natural with everything including your laundry detergent - residues of it touch your skin every day.

When something's too hot, cool it down. So, cold cloths, cold water therapy can be very helpful in taking the heat out of a reaction like this.

No matter how much people want to rub something on their skin for a skin problem, for the most part, it hardly ever has to do with your skin. It usually has to do with internal processes inside your body. You can also increase your green veggie intake to help alkalize your body chemistry.

Turmeric - it's ok. It's anti inflammatory. I think you want to go more with the liver cooling herbs, though. Looks like you're doing lots of good things, just that you haven't hit on the root cause yet.

You can also help the thyroid along with some herbs for the endocrine system.
Switch to alternative medicine. Usually it's more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

The reason why sunlight may cause allergy is that as a result of intensive sun radiation some chemicals are produced by a body and these chemicals which normally not suppose to be fabricated result in allergy. Another word you have allergy not on a sun, but on chemicals that you body produced as a result of being exposed to sun.

If you get allergic reaction on your skin with sun exposure, the cure is sun exposure. I have treated such patients successfully. We put a tub in the sunlight. Patient was immersed under water neck down. His head was in the shade and wrapped with a thin cotton towel with open face. This was given for a duration up to which the patient was feeling comfortable. He was removed to shade and was given a full shower. In a month's time he was able to take sunlight with no allergies. Important thing to note here that all our applications of hydrotherapy or solar therapy works well only if combined with a total lifestyle changes including diet, exercise and adequate rest. Full details can be given with personal consultation even through e-mail.
Arun Sharma
What kind of reaction to the sun?
Avoiding direct sun exposure will reduce symptoms to some extent. Ultraviolet light from sun can change the nature of immune reaction, especially when some one suffers from an autoimmune disease. I do not think any medication will make a difference. Like any other allergies we may have to resort to avoid allergen exposure.
Powlin Manuel
You are NOT allergic to the sun. The rays of the sun are reacting to the acids on the skin. I would suggest drinking 4 liters of alkaline water every day, exercise and eliminating meat and dairy from the diet. You can also do Epsom salt baths to remove the acid mantle on the skin so you are less sensitive.
Thanks to all who replied. I'm only on one medication. Switched from synthetic thyroid med. to natural thinking maybe it was something in the meds,but that didn't work. Also tried a daily does of Benadryl for 4 success. I used to use sunscreen several years back, but only use it once in a while underneath a long sleeve shirt when I am outside for a long period of time. The sunscreen doesn't stop the PMLE. I pretty much stay away from sunscreen and wear long sleeves, pants, gloves, sunglasses and hat. I did do a detox once and then took metagenics Advaclear for 6 luck with that, so I stopped taking it. Blood work was done a while back and my glutathione level was a little low. I was thinking of trying astaxanthin and or tumeric/curcumin. Any thoughts?
Allergy to the sun is just like sensitivity to cigarette smoke or gasoline fumes. Those toxins are a stress to the body and the body can't detoxify it quickly enough. With sun exposure, your body has a hard time managing that stress. You need to be on methylfolate if you have MTHFR. You probably know that already, and can get more info at That tells me that you have a detox pathway issue, and that's what's contributing to the symptoms you are having. I have had results with homeopathy for skin issues following sun exposure. I just checked my list of homeopathic remedies and I have 13 remedies for people with issues following sun exposure. My job would be to find the one that will help your detox pathways.
There are some individuals who are more sensitive to the sun than others. It mat be due to lack of melanin or other health factors. Therefore precautions have to be taken such as wearing sunscreen, hats, light colored clothing which provide adequate coverage. Aloe Vera juice may offset any damages caused by the sun's harmful rays. Consuming vitamin A, E and C helps to protect and prevent the skin from adverse reactions caused by sun exposure.
Margaret Bailey