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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Xanax and alcohol


I took .5 mg of prescribed Xanax for panick attacks... I drank a beer and glass of wine at 8:30 pm and I just took .5 mg of Xanax now... Will I be okay? I'm not going to die or go into a coma am I?
  • Female | 21 years old

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Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies

Featured Answer

13 UpVoted this answer
You are escaping what? Or you are trying to get high? Taking Xanax and drinking beer and wine gets you drunk...and gets you zoned way out ... not good. Now that you have experimented, you didn't like the way you felt. So listen to what your body is telling. Mixing up all that is NOT good. Learn and don't mix, better yet ... trying getting "high" watching a beautiful sunset, or watching the moon rise. I saw an asteroid zoom across Georgia...major kewl !!!
Grant T. Bright
9 UpVoted this answer
Hello Dear Frightened One,

You are obviously suffering from significant anxiety, which is momentarily made worse by your fear of this potentially dangerous combination of alcoholic beverage and Xanax. Please first be completely reassured that there is no way you will die from the combination you described, as long as you stay out from behind the steering wheel of an automobile, and as long as you are not in a dangerous or potentially volatile situation where your best judgment might unexpectedly become critically necessary. You will not go into a coma with such relatively small amounts of alcohol and Xanax.
Robert J. Butler
9 UpVoted this answer Craig Evans, DC Chiropractic Physician, Laurel Springs
You will be OK, but I would not be doing my duty if I did not warn you about the dangers of combining this type of medication with alcohol. Xanax is a fairly safe medication, but the effects are not predictable when you combine it with alcohol. It sounds like you are very stressed, and I encourage you to turn away from depending on medicines and alcohol to calm yourself. Inventory yourself as to what is bothering you, and then find a well qualified psychologist or therapist to help you find other ways to deal with the problems you have. There will never be a drug that solves your emotional problems. Also, find a well qualified family practice or internist doctor who will work closely with your therapist to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan to help you.
John G. Van Derwood
4 UpVoted this answer Craig Evans, DC Chiropractic Physician, Laurel Springs
Probably not but as everyone else has said, you need to be careful not to mix xanax with alcohol anymore, because it could lead to problems.. certainly I recommend psychotherapy to help you with your anxiety and panic attacks, I have helped lots of people with panic attacks, there are ways you can learn to calm yourself down so you won't be so reliant on medication. Good luck!
Allison J. Steigman
3 UpVoted this answer Craig Evans, DC Chiropractic Physician, Laurel Springs
You are not going to die. As previously stated but the other medical professionals, you should avoid Xanax and alcohol but more importantly see some help with a counselor to help you manage your anxiety without medications if possible. Alcohol intake is mostly not recommended when taking many prescription medications.
3 UpVoted this answer Craig Evans, DC Chiropractic Physician, Laurel Springs
It is dangerous to mix benzodiazepines, including Xanax, with alcohol. However, it is very unlikely that small amounts of alcohol (1 beer and 1 glass of wine) with 1 mg of Xanax will do more than sedate you. In the future, if you frighten yourself, don't go on the internet. Call or go to your local provider, an urgent care, an ER or a poison control center.
Robert Hoffman
1 UpVoted this answer
It is never a good idea to mix benzodiazepines with alcohol. It is unlikely you will die unless there is an underlined health issue that could exacerbate the effects. I strongly encourage you to seek a counselor that can help you manage your symptoms of anxiety. You can always seek help at the emergency room or urgent care clinic in your area. In the mean time make an appointment with a counselor and start the journey to a healthy and happy productive life. You are still young with a great deal to look forward to. Experience life from a healthy disposition and it will alter your perceptions leaving a smile on your face and a legacy to be proud of.
Scott Rowlett
1 UpVoted this answer
The best thing you can do is learn from this experience. Don't mix alcohol and prescription drugs. You should seek the right health care provider, preferably a psychiatrist and psychologist who can teach you skills in managing anxiety. The solution is not alcohol or drugs, it is getting down to the root of your problems.
1 UpVoted this answer
No but you do need help ! At your age there should be better ways to treat your panic attacks than with a schedule 2 drug...have you tried cognitive behavioral therapy or hypnosis...people start off with a pill now and then for the panic then its an everyday thing...check out for help.
1 UpVoted this answer
Dr. Derwood has given you his good medical opinion and I am glad to read you will be OK. I am a psychoanalyst and can assist you if you decide to go this route. Just send me an email at and mention you sent out a request for help at doctor base.

best regards,

Jennifer Kay

Jennifer Kay MSW RSW Counselling

Best regards,
Jennifer Kay