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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content


I got tested for herpies on tue would they have contacted me by now if I was positive or am I still not in the clear zone yet? I also wanted to know if an initial break out could just consist of itching, and irritation, without any sores. Thank you
  • Female | 22 years old
  • Complaint duration: 14 days
  • Medications: Predisone
  • Conditions: Allergic reaction -undetermined cause being treated for this right now. Not related issue

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Too soon for results. Very unusual to have an outbreak without pain.
Norm Dahm

If they did a culture of a lesion it takes about a week for the results. Herpes is a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms and lesion. If they drew your blood to see if you had antibodies to herpes, this helps physicians in determining if a lesion or symptoms were related to an outbreak, but it is not used as diagnostic tool per se. Rash and irritation could be present but usually not the most common symptoms, specially if is your first outbreak. Good luck!
Herpes is the commonest viral STD and infects up to 60% of people. Herpes is also called "the great masquerader" and can look like many different infections from rashes, to blisters to nothing but tingling and pain. A lot depends on whether you were tested for both Herpes 1 and 11 or even type 111. Type 1 is the common cold sore herpes, type 11 is genital herpes and type 111 is shingles or reactivation of childhood chicken pox or varicella. All three types can be treated if detected early. Don't wait, start treatment ASAP.
Depending on the test that was used, and your distance from the laboratory your doc used, lab results could be 2 to 7 days from testing. Primary herpes is often asymptomatic, but itching and irritation is very common and unlikely to be

caused by primary herpes. Finding a cluster of tiny blisters on the vulva is the classic presentation, and some women get fever, urine retention from swelling, aches and pains, and fatigue too.
It could be difficult to notice.

That's why the blood test is

best. The treatment should

be ongoing.
The time from testing to results varies by lab. You should have an answer in no later than 2 weeks. The initial outbreak can consist of itching, redness, irritation and not the classical "ulcers" or sores most people think of when they think of Herpes.
Nancy E. Bass
Sometimes initial Herpes outbreaks are very subtle and can be mistaken for another condition. How long the results take to return depends upon your laboratory, but generally results come back in a few days. As scary as it is to check results, you should not necessarily assume that "No news is good news" . Give your doctor a call and also ask if the test should be repeated in 3 to 6 months to see if it converts from negative to positive.
Kyle A Baker
The test for herpes can sometimes take up to 2 weeks to turn positive. Usually, when positive, the results are found within a 5-7 days. So, no news is good news but you may not be in the clear for 14 days. The presenting symptoms of an initial infection can be very subtle or even absent in some cases.
Douglas J. Krell
It can take a few days for the results . Herpes is present in 1:4 people . Have seen a few cases when someone has herpes but never had any rash. Presantation can be from acute pain/ irritation to not having any symptoms .
You did not mention how you got tested. Most blood tests results should be back in 2-3 days. If you had a viral culture of a sore it may take a week for the culture to be read out as negative or positive. Initial genital herpes is extremely painful and produces a classic lesion on the surface so I doubt you would only have itching and irritation without any sores.