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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content


I have really bad toothache and my body just feels so weak , and I'm just really dizzy .. What should I do ?
  • Female | 18 years old
  • Complaint duration: 4 days
  • Ethnicity: Other Pacific Islander
  • Medications: None
  • Conditions: Stress, pain , cramps, peeing to often , vomiting

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Featured Answer

7 UpVoted this answer David J. Darab, DDS, MS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Hickory
I would highly recommend you seek urgent dental care and treatment immediately. A tooth infection could become severe and serious especially if you are running a fever, experiencing facial swelling, or finding it difficult to breath or swallow. If you are unable to reach your primary dental provider or access a dental clinic, then you may want to seek an urgent medical care center or hospital if there is severe swelling involved. The urgent care most likely will be able to provide TEMPORARY relief and refer and recommend you seek definitive treatment under the care of your dentist. Always check with your doctor first---if you are a healthy patient in excellent condition, you may find pain relief by taking Ibuprofen 600 mg every 4-6 h or Tylenol 500 mg every 4-6 h. For localized inflammation warm salt water rinse helps too. If you area hypertensive patient or have high blood pressure check with your dentist first to avoid interferring with HTN medications. If you are temperature sensitive stick to room temperature drinks and food. If you are pressure sensitive avoid chewing on the involved side or tooth or stick to soft foods. I hope your dental needs are met soon. After the toothache is treated I encourage all patients to follow up with an exam and comprehensive care as needed.
5 UpVoted this answer
You need to seek help from a professional immediately. The decision to make is which professional to go to. Are all your symptoms related to your tooth or is there some medical problem causing the dizziness and weakness?Because weakness and dizziness are not generally related to toothaches, I would recommend going for emergency medical care to rule out medical reasons for your symptoms. If the symptoms are medically related they can diagnose and treat you. If it is all or part tooth related they can prescribe pain medication to manage the pain and antibiotics for the infection and refer you to your dentist for treatment. The most important point is that you must be seen immediately by a medical or dental professional
Michael Stein
5 UpVoted this answer David Otto, DC, DACBN Chiropractic, Orange Park Stephanie Collins, DDS Dentist, Flagstaff
You don't specify which tooth it is, but often times you'll feel pain in your teeth from pressure in your sinuses. Your problem might be dental, but your symptoms also may be from a sinus infection or a larger systemic illness. See a physician first ASAP and then follow up with a dentist as well.
4 UpVoted this answer
You need to see a physician and rule out the possibility of a sinus infection or a systemic issue. If both of this issue check out within normal limits, you need to see a dentist. There are times where a large abscess due to a tooth issue can cause systemic problems. Hydration is also very important, it is something everyone tends to neglect when it comes to whole body health.
4 UpVoted this answer
There are many possibilities, some dental and some medical. Weak and dizzy might be a very serious combination of symptoms. See a dentist as soon as possible for the toothache AND to rule out dental as the cause of your weakness and dizziness. If the weakness and dizziness go un-explained, see a physician as soon as possible. Don't play with this. Timing is important.
2 UpVoted this answer
I think your toothache is related to a sinus infection. You are dizzy do to being dehydrated. Infection can become serious if you start experiencing swelling or facial pain. You may need an antibiotic and I would advise you to go to urgent care and then follow up with a dentist.
2 UpVoted this answer
Go see your doctor to rule out any medical issues and then see your dentist to make sure no teeth are abscesses or infected and could be contributing to your symptoms.
James A. Vito
2 UpVoted this answer
Trick question?

See a dentist!!
1 UpVoted this answer
Do you know the number to 9-1-1? Don't wait until you need to make that call. Call your dentist to rule out or confirm the toothache is the cause. Alternatively, go to your medical doctor to rule out a more serious problem.

Good luck.
1 UpVoted this answer
Many kinds of non tooth related issues can cause dental pain, so check out why you are dizzy first and then seek the advice of a dentist.