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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Severe Pain

For 2 days now, I am experiencing pain and burning when I urinate, pain on lower left side of back, little blood when I urinate and cloudy and little blood when I wipe. 100 fever.
  • Female | 55 years old
  • Medications: amlodipine and metformin
  • Conditions: type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure

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Featured Answer

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Your symptoms indicate a high likelihood for a urinary tract infection and should be assessed by your physician. With the low back pain and fever there is a possibility that the infection involves your kidney and may be more problematic than just a bladder infection.

Please seek care from your physician as soon as possible as these infections can be severe enough to cause considerable problems for you and may result in need for hospitalization. Best Wishes for continued health.
John S. Ferris
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Your severe pain certainly sounds like a potential kidney infection, which may be in the early stages after a urinary tract infection. You should see your urologist or gynecologist for treatment right away.
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With a fever that high and the pain that you are in, it seems like the infection is likely in your kidneys already, which, in my opinion, means you need to see your doctor right away for likely antibiotics. This can get severe without the proper treatment and your health could worsen quickly.
it could be stone moving around and or a UTI. See your OB immediately.

Any pain comes from retained metabolic and dietary acids. You need to go on a whole body pH Miracle cleanse as outlined in Chapter 11 of the pH Miracle revised and updated book
Symptoms are very much likely from bladder infection or kidney infection. Considering you have fever, you should consult a physician for getting antibiotics. Avoid holding the urine. Drink plenty of fluids.
Your body often can fight a mild infection without antibiotics, however, taking antibiotics in this situation (an acute cystitis, or pyelonephritis) will not "make your bladder weak" as one respondent suggested. You need a urine test, asap. Your symptoms are not consistent with disk/back issues, either. Get the self some help! You'll feel better, and prevent more serious illness, with early treatment. Ask your provider about prevention of uti (urinary tract infection) in the "bladder infection"
Anne Cummings
You probably have a urinary tract infection. It could be your bladder, but, might be in your kidneys, if you have fever and/or nausea. Get a urine test and be seen at an urgent care, or at a clinic, asap.
Anne Cummings
I assume your follow up question is referencing Lower Back Pain. If that is the case, then you either have referred pain from the Kidney problem and/or a morbidity of an illiocostalis Lumborum muscle spasm which could be associated with or complicated by a vertebral subluxation complex at L4 or L5. Have your MD refer you to a structural Chiropractor. If She/He is unable to refer you to a Chiropractor, find one
All your symptoms point to Kidney dysfunction. I would highly recommend you immediately see MD for complete Blood Work-Up to see how severe your Kidney is effected. MD may order CT scan of the Kidney, Ureters, Bladder.