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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content


Hello I finished treatment for chylamdia on Monday of this week and my doctor is doing a test of cure in a month is it okay to have protected sex now? Also, is it okay to receive oral sex? I wanted to make sure before I did anything I regret.
  • Female | 22 years old
  • Medications: Predisone
  • Conditions: Allergic reaction -undetermined cause being treated for this right now. Not related issue

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Featured Answer

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If both you and your partner have been treated, then protected sex is ok, although I usually recommend waiting about 5 days. If he has not been treated, then absolutely not until he gets antibiotics. I would suggest waiting until after the test of cure before having oral sex. Chlamydia can also be passed orally and causes a very nasty throat infection.
Lorie N. Johnson
1 UpVoted this answer
IT is always OK to have protected sex, even if you have an STD, but... oral sex can also transmit Chlamydia. Oral sex is usually unprotected, and still risky . You really should wait till you are clear and non infectious if you want to have any type of risky sex.
if you have finished the treatment, it should be okay as long as your partner has been treated as well . especially if you're having protected sex. Chlamydia could be transmitted by oral sex as well, his to recommended to wait at least 5 days after finishing treatment before initiating oral sex.
You need to be examined and tested to make sure it's cleared up.
Suggest you get test of cure sooner and confirm partner took antibiotics too. Then you'll have peace of mind knowing it's safe to be intimate.
Either should be okay, if your partner was treated at the same time that you were.
Gregory Glover
Yes it is okay to have "protected" sex if you mean using a condom. It is also okay to receive oral sex. If I were you I would always use a condom to prevent getting Chlamydia or other STIs in the future.
Make sure both you and your partner have been treated. I usually have my patients wait one week after they both have been treated with antibiotics. If your partner has not been treated I would not recommend oral sex and chlamydia can still be transmitted this way. The best thing to do is wait and always use protection.