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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

Is this heart burn?

So I just finished a week of doxycycline for chylamdia and I'm experiencing this really weird symptom I think it's a side effect, for like four days now it almost feels like something is stuck in my throat but it hurts to swallow anything, hot drinks are more painful and it's making it a little harder to breath, I've never had heart burn before, so I'm not sure if that sounds like it? But idk if this is going to go away on its own but Its really painful and I would like to fix it!

  • Female | 22 years old
  • Complaint duration: 4 days
  • Medications: Predisone
  • Conditions: Allergic reaction -undetermined cause being treated for this right now. Not related issue

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Featured Answer

9 UpVoted this answer
Doxycycline is well known to cause esophageal irritation/inflammation. It can be treated with Pepcid. If it doesn't get better after a week, you should see a physician.
Marlow Hernandez
5 UpVoted this answer Lucy E. Hornstein, MD Family Practitioner, Phoenixville
This is pill esophagitis.The treatment is to drink a slurry of carafate regularly until it resolves.

This can be a very painful problem, but the prognosis is good.
Robert W. Hogan
4 UpVoted this answer
Doxycycline is notorious for causing burning of the food pipe called esophagitis . avoid foods which are hot, spicy. Also take Pepcid. Should resolve within a week to 10 days. Avoid doxycycline in the future.
3 UpVoted this answer
I agree with Dr. Hernandez! Most likely you have esophagitis, possibly one of the doxycycline

tablets actualy got stuck in your esophagus. You might try an over the counter antacid like

Maalox or Mylanta because the magnesium in these will bind to any residual doxycyline. And,

as advised if it doesn't gradually get better, see your doctor.
John G. Van Derwood
3 UpVoted this answer Robert W. Hogan, MD Family Practitioner, La Mesa Lucy E. Hornstein, MD Family Practitioner, Phoenixville
very likely "Pill Esophagitis". Common with doxycycline, which can cause ulcers of the esophagus. You should see a gastroenterologist, and consider an EGD or perhaps treat empirically, typically with acid reduction meds , eg nexium, etc.
Mahmood Solaiman
1 UpVoted this answer
Agree with Dr. Solaiman. Doxycycline is known to cause pill esophagitis meaning the pill becomes lodged in the esophagus and can causes severe esophagitis and or ulcerations. You should contact your gastroenterologist and consider doing an endoscopy. This way, he/she can look into your esophagus and determine, if there is any damage or obstruction. In the meantime, you should start taking an acid blocker, OTC prilosec or Prevacid. Quite often, we prescribe carafate which is a liquid antacid used to "coat the esophagus". I would contact a GI doc sooner than later. Hope this helfpul.
1 UpVoted this answer
Candidiasis. Check HIV
Michael Voigt
1 UpVoted this answer
It looks like the others have got this! This is doxycycline esophagitis! Treat with Pepcid or Santac and see a doctor if not better in a week.
1 UpVoted this answer
Doxycycline is notorious for causing severe Esophagitis and mucus membrane irritation. OTC H2 blockers like zantac and pepsid would mostly help. If the symptoms don't resolve after a 7-10 after the doxy. I would see a gastroenterologist.
First of all you may need a throat culture to see if you actually have cleared the chlamydia. Secondly , this does not sound like heartburn, but the use of strong antibiotics can kill the good organisms in your intestine. Therefore probiotics three times a day are indicated if your throat culture is negative. IF the culture is positive, you need more antibiotics and more probiotics after you finish the course. If you have reflux and have burned your throat with the stomach acid, the three months of proton pump inhibitors, like Nexium or Protonics may be needed. Go back to the doctor who treated your chlamydia and let him check you out again.