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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

deep cough

Every time i lay down I get a deep dry cough and cough up dark flem and it is persistent
  • Female | 30 years old
  • Complaint duration: 6 days
  • Medications: Na
  • Conditions: Na

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Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies
After 6 days of symptoms, you may still be simply resolving an acute viral infection (cold). The color of the mucus may or may not be meaningful. If you are gradually feeling better day by day, treat yourself with good hydration, saline nasal mist and some plain Mucinex (an expectorant) as directed. If you stop feeling better or start feeling worse again over the next few days, then you should seek medical attention. An ENT specialist will be able to distinguish an upper from lower respiratory infection, as would a Pulmonary specialist.
Have you considered postnasal drip? Is there any history of gastric reflux/ belching/burping / heartburn? If that is the case, that will need to be addressed. That might solve the problem.
A Deep Productive cough as you are describing likely represents two possible scenarios:

1) A thick mucous collection in passage ways of the lungs, moves, when you lay down on your side or back and begins to form a mucous plug inducing your cough or;

2) When you lay down, an already inflamed larynx covered with mucous is additionally exposed to post nasal drip or pooled secretions from lower pharynx and these secretions escape into the wind pipe just below vocal cords - inducing a productive cough without necessarily having a lung source. These secretion can contain infectious bacteria or acidic contents from stomach.

An examination of your larynx and history by your local ENT is necessary to accurately assign an appropriate diagnosis and treatment for your complaints

Good Health
Eric A. Nash
Cough when lying down is reflux

Dark item is infection from lungs , air pipe or from eating tube

Do chest X ray to rule out other condition
Don Ha
Your dark phlegm sounds like either clearing from smoking cigarettes or chronic bronchitis. I would suggest you see a physician, get a chest Xray and possibly even culture of your sputum. If there is any trace of blood in the phlegm, you are at high risk .