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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

burning sensation on temple

I have a burning sensation on my right temple, it started as a little bump ( like a mosquito bite type) and now disappear and it feels like burning non-stop, but only in that area, what could it be?
  • Male | 28 years old
  • Complaint duration: 2 days
  • Medications: None
  • Conditions: None

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Featured Answer

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considering that she problems has been short-term, it appears unlikely that you had any viral infection like shingles. That would usually lasts longer than 2 days. It would not disappear. It could have been as sample bug bite. Consider applying cortisone Cream and ice the area.
It might be an insect bite. Calendula or golden seal ointment, as well as zinc supplements should clear it up.
Margaret Bailey
It could be some kind of a bug bite. It might also be shingles, if you previously have had chickenpox. I also agree with the differential diagnosis immediately below. You should have a dermatologist and possibly an opthomologist look at it now. Your eyesight could be implicated.
Margaret Rague
Without the benefit of a Physical Exam or a photo of the bump when it was there, it seems that you only complain of severe, local pain that keeps you up the entire night. My differential diagnosis would include otitis media, optic or trigeminal nerve pain, temporal arteritis, insect bite or Lyme's Disease. Off to a Dermatologist you would go; if nothing found, off to a Pain Clinic for you. Would not want you writhing in pain much longer. Your personality could easily change and depression, irritability, insomnia, and even suicide ideation are possible if this is laughed off, misdiagnosed, given a prolonged diagnosis, or otherwise misdiagnised. I would not want you to turn into a Chronic Illness/Pain patient.
Margaret Aranda
Thank you so much for all for all of your feedback! is still bothering me but actually is located on my left bad, It was so early in the morning when I posted it and I didn't sleep until like 6 am because of it...I still have a little bump type in that area and when I touch it it hurts and I still have the burning feeling, but like I said is on the left temple not in the right, thank you!
it could be some type of nerve pain, even early shingles attack. Have to see how it develops. If more sores break out in the area of your temple and toward the eye and jaw, then it is probably shingles herpes virus attacking the trigeminal nerve.
It could be a tiny acne lesion or an early herpetic lesion. If blisters develop or it worsens see a physician. In the meantime, treat as acne with a benzoyl peroxide gel twice daily-
Alan Semion
that could be liver related.
would need to see it; if it persists you should see someone

shingles can develop without the typical rash or blisters

usually burning pain would be over the r temple and r forehead if shingles;

not just one small spot
John K. Geisse