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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

tooth pain

how do you make tooth pain go away?>
  • Male | 30 years old

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Featured Answer

3 UpVoted this answer Seth Black, DDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, New York Evelyn Campbell-Leach, DDS Dentist, ACCOKEEK
You see a Dentist who has years of training and experience in determining the cause of the pain and then providing the appropriate treatment. This is not a DIY project. Can't be fixed with pills, politics, salves, exercises, or snake oil. The best thing you can use to make the pain go away is the telephone to call your Dentist for an emergency appointment. Please call now!
Arnold J. Malerman
1 UpVoted this answer Armine Nazarian, DMD Dentist, Beverly Hills
Tooth pain can be caused by several different issues. It is critical that you go to a dentist to find out what is causing the pain, especially if it is an infection. Infections can be very painful, debilitating and possibly life threatening if not addressed. Very few dental pain issues resolve themselves, and seeking the care of a professional is your best course of action, and the quickest way to get out of pain.
Kevin Boulard
See a dentist for a proper evaluation and treatment of the pain
James A. Vito
The most important is to see your dentist regularly to avoid any major problems from developing. However, if there is already an existing toothache, then an x-ray needs to be taken to see if there is anything radiographically apparent. Also, a thorough exam would be needed to determine the source of your pain before a treatment plan can be recommended. Best to go through this process to make the tooth pain go away.
you go see your dentist...why would you even ask about anything else???
Victor Zeines
First you need to see a dentist that can evaluate and discover the cause of pain and make recomandations on the treatment needed.The dentist can prescribe medication if necessary. Medications such as Pain killers and Antibiotics are used in combination with the required treatment. Over the counter painkillers such as Ibuprofen can be of help until you can see the dentist.
Tooth pain can be caused from numerous issues. Short term ibuprophen if you can take it works great. Get to your dentist to diagnose the reason you have pain
Tooth pain can have several causes and contributing factors.You need to make a Dental appointment to get proper diagnosis/treatment.You can treat the symptom of toothache be using pain medication over the counter like advil,alieve,tylenol etc.This will provide you with temporary relief until you can get an appointment with the Dentist.
Vinay Jerath
You will need to go to a dentist for a full exam and x-rays to see what is causing the pain. After that the dentist will goes his/her diagnosis and all the options available to you. Good Luck!
It is very important to call a dentist to find the source of the pain and treat the issue. That is how you make the tooth pain go away.
Constantin Fiacos